Good Morning


This morning I got a sunrise. The sun was starting its rising mechanism when I stopped hugging the bed. Altogether spring has sprung and I gave myself a push to go out and see things yesterday afternoon. I really was in a lazy modus and wanted to stay at home, but decided to get out and go places, even if it was only the area around the local castle.


Nature has been waking up over the last week and all sorts of first flowers are appearing, such as these primroses. There are green shoots appearing everywhere with a promise of things to come. I seem to be getting quite poetical in my old age.


I decided to begin with the chickens and they were exploring the food supplies.


They were exploring a little too much as there was a hole in the fence and a couple made the great escape wondering how to get back again. I suppose chicken brains operate differently to others, and their main occupation is wondering why they actually cross the road.


I moved onto the goats opposite but this one was not interested. They always seem to be falling asleep, but the sun was shining brightly and it would probably prefer some sun glasses.

I wandered here and there enjoying the weather and was glad that I escaped. There were many groups of visitors on the path. It is one of the main attractions in my area for a walk on Sunday afternoon and I have the luck to live in the village. All I have to do is wheel across the road and in five minutes I am there, via the cemetery.


Suddenly something attracted my attention above and I saw a kite flying. It was doing a flight show, and I was lucky enough to capture it in action. They are quite big birds and was probably paying a visit from the slopes of our mountains.

Eventually I made my way home and discovered when I arrived that I had 112 new photos in my camera. As it was Sunday and I had nothing better to do, I began the uploading marathon first of all.  I was surprised how well it went and in 3-4 hours I was finished with all. Now to write a few blogs and my day was done. I really seem to have more to do than when I had a full time job. I also realised afterwards that I was glad to be active with something.

And now a new week has begun, so let us see what it holds. Today will be a shopping tour in the afternoon, otherwise there is nothing planned. I now have to get a move onto my daily chores in the apartment. I have already filled a 60 litre plastic bag with garbage and will instruct No. 1 son to put it in the large bin at the end of the path with the others from our section of the estate.

Have a good day everyone, hope you have no stress, it can only get better, although sometimes not such a compensation. Let’s have a nice peaceful view of our local Jura mountain chain, just behind my garden to calm the nerves.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. You have those same little purple flowers we have. Do you know what they are called? They grow all over the grounds in the early spring. Not yet, but soon. They aren’t real climbers, though they will clamber of rocks, but not a fence. They look EXACTLY the same — color, size, everything, so they must be either the same plant or closely related. i’ve been trying to figure out what they are for years to no avail.



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