Fandango’s February Expressions #17

A stitch in time saves nine

Sewing machine

That was not the reason why I enrolled in a sewing class, bought myself a sewing machine, and began to make my own clothes. I was fed up with buying clothes where the arms and dress lengths were too short. I wanted to wear something that fit. I was one of the tall ones, both my parents were tall so I suppose it was their fault.

The idea was a sewing course of eight weeks, but it lengthened to more like 18 years and by then I was sewing for myself and my kids. I even covered some furniture at home with new covers and my masterpiece was a dark blue cashmere winter coat, but they are past days.

Today I am happy with a good pair of trousers and a nice long top. The days of suits and special dresses are gone. My stitch did not really save nine, it multiplied itself to years of sewing.

Fandango’s February Expressions #17

7 thoughts on “Fandango’s February Expressions #17

  1. I tried sewing for myself. My mother could make ANYTHING. I couldn’t make anything that didn’t look like a child had sewn it. I never got anything to line up. I also can’t knit or crochet. My mother never understood how she had a daughter who could DO things. Or, for that matter, ice skate and ski. Life can be cruel.

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    • My aunt was in the rag trade and made everything herself. She also made me clothes now and again. My mum had no idea. I began to sew everything for myself when I realised I could not buy clothes that had the right fit. Eventually I would buy material and not the ready made thing.. I never really realised how much there was to learn, but with the years I got there.


    • It was many years ago, but some tricks of the trade have remained and I still have my sewing machine which is very practical for repairs, although I must admit my stitches no longer save a lot of time because I am too lazy to do it. 🙂

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