Good Morning


Until I get to this computer I have many obstacles to overcome: take a photo of the sunrise (if there is one), empty the cat’s litter box (she can be quite active in the night), feed the hungry birds outside (the ones that are almost falling from the branches of the tree due to overweight balance problems) and as a last duty make my breakfast and set up the computer. In between there might be laundry to deal with.

Now I am here sitting at the table in the kitchen doing my daily blogging duty. It is not really a duty, a routine, but you have to begin somewhere.

Yesterday I decided to have an easy day. I had a few tasks in the apartment to do and at last got around to sorting my orchids.


The collection is expanding. This is only few that are flowering. I have just as many that have flowered and are now taking five until the next flowering time. If only they would stop having special offers in the supermarket. I just cannot resist something for half the price. All my orchids were in need of a topping of of soil (actually a wooden shaving earth mixture). I believe they grow in the trees in their natural habitat. So now all 8 orchids have a safe place to stabilise their rooty feet.

I was also out in the garden during the day and now my crocus had opened their buds. At last a splash of colour.

Otherwise I busied myself with cooking the evening meal of chilli con carne. I did post a picture of the process yesterday, but here we have the finished offerings.


It fed all three of us quite well and there was nothing left afterwards. My son No. 1 always ensures that there are no leftovers.

Otherwise it was a quiet evening. Mr. Swiss had an early night and I was left with the TV and a book (actually a Kindle) which suited me fine.  It was really a good golden oldie evening for taking it easy. My soap was on the TV, one of those hospital series where everyone survives despite death threatening situations, and all the nurses and doctors seem to be more than just friends.  Sometimes I just love those perfect worlds.


I also noticed, after uploading my photos yesterday. that our little chaffinch was perched in the opposite tree. They tend to prefer a special place away from the maddening crowd of sparrows. They are really quite colourful. Gradually the time is approaching when I will have to stop feeding the birds in the morning. They will be busy having a nesting time with their chosen partners and there will be enough food on offer in nature’s supermarket.

I am also now on my way to see what the day holds. I am thinking of taking a short trip this afternoon, weather permitting. I will just have to give myself a prod to get moving. In the meanwhile enjoy Sunday, take it easy, and whether it is just a brunch, a Sunday roast, or even just a hamburger (Donald Trump’s favourite or perhaps his wife cannot cook) enjoy. I will be back with more exciting tales from the wilds of Switzerland.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Trump’s wife cooking….. I have to wonder what it is that the woman does. From my standpoint, it would seem that answer would be ‘nothing.’ It is cold and rainy here, so that is exactly what I will be doing today.

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