FOWC with Fandango: Terminal


The local train approaches one of the stations. It began its journey in Solothurn and travels on the rails parallel to the road until it reaches the end station of Niederbipp.

I seem to have been on a journey to my terminal since I had to have a new visa card as the old one had got compromised or whatever due to a stupid mistake on my behalf. Of course I had to enter the new number for my automatic payments for various annual charges.  I altered it myself for Paypal, but did not realise how many other companies were involved with various settlements once a year. WordPress could no longer renew my subscription and wrote to me. I had to wait for the new card which arrived a day later and was sure that everything was now in order. There was another surprise for a renewal with my photo programme. Today Windows told me they could not renew my subscription for Windows 10 office for the same reason.

I still like my Word programme, although have long forgotten how Excel functions, and I did the complete accounts for our local first aid organisation with Excel for five years. I spent half an hour on solving the problem. I am still a faithful follower of Outlook, so I had a slight panic attack when I realised none of it would be working. Luckily Windows said thankyou when I paid and now everything is back to normal.

And now everything is running smoothly and I realise how much I depend on these online paments.

FOWC with Fandango: Terminal

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