RDP Friday: Vacation

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When a river runs through it who needs a vacation. Vacations change as the years go. It all began when I was a kid and loved to go to the British seaside once a year with mum and dad: making sandcastles, having a dip in the sea and pony rides.

You get older, the world gets smaller and the first holidays in other countries are on the list. France, Italy via Switzerland are just a hop way.

Perhaps you get packed by the holiday bug and decide once a year for a couple of weeks is not enough. I got adventurous and decided to spend my future on a holiday. I was not bothered where, I just wanted to be in another country. At least I think that must have been the reason, but it worked out. Someone was looking for an english speaking  secretary in Switzerland, I applied and got the job. Little did I know that the idea of living for a while on holiday would become my way of life.

Yes, it was a long holiday, but I happened to meet Mr. Swiss on the way and after 53 years in Switzerland it has become a permanent vacation. Perhaps it is time to go on holiday again, but no. The river at the end of the road is enough holiday for me today.

RDP Friday: Vacation

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Vacation

  1. I’m with you. There’s a point when being in your own house, having it set up in the old familiar way, and sleeping in your own comfortable bed, are all a person really wants. And we must think of our pets — we can’t go away and leave them for long. 😉

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    • When we were younger, we managed to fit in a vacation somewhere. Mr. Swiss and I were in Mallorca for two weeks and even managed New York for a week. We also included Paris twice and Marrakesch in Morocco, but we were more flexible. Sometimes we took the kids with us and sometimes they managed on their own when they were in the teenage years, but we ourselves can no longer manage it. Even a train journey is exhausting for us. We can no longer walk independently without our walkers. Age plays a big part in holidaying today.

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