Good Morning


The storm is now almost over. Just a few winds around, but nothing devastating. We were lucky in our part of Switzerland that it had no serious effects. I had some news from a friend of mine in England yesterday. She had planned on an excursion to a theatre on the coast. The train was running, but when she got there discovered the performance had been cancelled due to damage caused to the roof of the hall from the gale force winds and she really had to battle against the winds to even cross the road. We  even had a little snow this morning, but mixed with rain and nothing really special. At least it looks like a normal day and travelling to the store this afternoon should be no problem.


Bird life has not changed very much and the crows were again on their foraging expedition for food in the morning.


The sparrows were also overcoming their shyness, although they are known to be quite cheeky, and ventured onto my raised bed to take their pick.


Due to the hight winds, the seeds have been scattered in all directions to my pleasure. They are now eating in front of the window. There are always large groups of sparrows. I realise that I have never seen a sparrow nest anywhere. The are probably hidden high in the trees.

And so yesterday was a day at home, mainly catching up on sleep after lunch and pottering around in the apartment. I again spent the evening in the laundry room, and with the TV. One of the hospital soaps, Holby City is the name, was running on the BBC TV. I managed to watch almost all of it, just missing the beginning when I was starting the programme on the washing machine, but otherwise I saw most of it. You do tend to get involved with the characters and things that happen. Television never used to bother me so much, but it seems to be an accompanying event when getting older.


I treated myself to yet a new orchid on my last visit to the store. I replaced one of them as its flowering days were over, and it has now been relegated to my other room with the others waiting for an opportunity to flower again, but they never do although one produced a new stalk. The photo is not so good, but it is only with my mobile phone.

And so to continue with the daily routine. We now have mid week and already the week-end looms over the horizon. Have a good one everyone, see you around. I must move on, the window is open and there is a very cold fresh breeze surrounding me: time to warm up with some house cleaning exercises.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Do you ever have snow on the ground in winter? If so, how often, how much and how long does it last. I am always surprised with your photos and no snow.

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    • I am quite surprised myself this year. We had one day of snow some time last December but it cleared away the next day. We have had a storm over the last couple of days, but no snow, although today there was a little snow mixed with rain. Otherwise it has been a strange Winter for us in the lowlands, with absolutely no snow . Of course up in the heights they have had snow, but never as much as usual. It has been an extremely mild winter in that respect. although it has been very cold.


  2. Good morning this is not a good day for me. The visit to the doctor tired me out. I did a Google search on orchids and remember my botany (which I forgot) There are many species of orchids and some bloom at different times of the year, some have a scent which my last purchase does and it blooms in the winter. I type in Matsui, the supplier of orchids. Have fun on your shopping this afternoon.

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    • My orchids do not seem to bloom at all, but I will wait and be patient. Shopping was OK, it gets me out of the house for an hour to see other people and places. Mr. Swiss is no longer to accompany me so much.

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  3. I probably mentioned it already, but on Saturday or Sunday, I should post a picture of all the debris the crew has been cleaning up after the wind here. It is unrelated to what is going on there, but it was pretty wicked nonetheless.

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