Good Morning


Although our wind storm, pseudo hurricane, is still with us, they say that today it will gradually get weaker and eventually disappear, hopefully.  It has left some interesting sunrises with quite strong lighting effects. Yesterday evening I had to rescue my birdhouse as  the winds were really picking up and I got worried that it would be blown over.


The sunlight is reflecting well and this morning the first thing I noticed was this flight path from one of the aircraft from Zürich which was quite well illuminated.

Hauptgasse, Solothurn

Yesterday was our monthly market day in Solothurn. My No. 1 son decided to go along and see what was on offer. He was a little disappointed.


He was confronted with something more like this. The stall holders had stayed mainly at home because of the high winds which would have blown their stalls around. There were just two or three stands. I think this was the first time, since I have lived in and around Solothurn, that the monthly market was not held. There was an article in the newspaper. I noticed myself when I drove to the store that I almost had the roads to myself. It was not dangerous in the afternoon, but people were probably just being cautious. I was quite satisfied with a nice smooth drive. I have again discovered my car radio. It has been a year since I bothered, but I have found that it is not too bad. Our local radio station plays modern music, but not too extreme and a little musical background is always a good thing.

My cleaning lady called me yesterday. She is stranded in Holland on a visit to one of here many sisters that seem to be distributed in various parts of the world. This time her return flight had been cancelled due to the storm so she called it off for this week. Mr. Swiss found that my regular cleaning efforts keep everything nice and tidy at home, so it is not so bad to leave it for a week.


The magpies returned yesterday but only for a flying visit. By magic the nuts I spread around in the morning disappear suddenly, but yesterday I managed to catch the thieves as they were going about their work.

Chaffinch12.01 (2)

I am also getting a regular visit from a little finch lately. He usually mixes himself amongst the sparrows, but if I am lucky I manage to get  photo of him. He often sits in a tree and watches the happenings down  below. We do not get a great variety of birds and I am glad for every newcomer.

I am not sure what I will do with my afternoon. If the weather calms down I might risk a wheelie into town. Otherwise it will be an afternoon with the computer. I just have to occupy myself somehow.

Have a good day everyone, may the weather be with you and not too stormy as it is here at the moment, take care.


I leave you with a view from my local supermarket towards the Jura mountains that I took yesterday afternoon.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good morning our weather continues to be unusual for this time of the year. We had a lovely sunrise this morning. It has been a while since we had one. I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. I am not looking forward to it. Have a wonderful day.

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  2. We are off to visit Tom and Ellin tomorrow through Friday. I posted some stuff through Friday, but I don’t pay a lot of attention to my computer when we are visiting. We don’t get to see friends nearly often enough. Life is quite in a tizzy these days. I wish my body would cooperate with the program, but no matter how interesting life is I have a lot of trouble getting around. Takes the edge off “having fun.”


    • I know what you mean about the body not joining in. The only places I ever go now are the stores for shopping and now and again on a wheelie in my chair, but always the same places. Even that can get boring with time but as time goes on the choices are less. Have a good few days away from it all.


  3. Someone at work needed to reschedule a trip to England, not because the flight was cancelled at this end, but because the airplane could not leave Europe in the weather there.


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