RDP Monday: Skimpy


The life of a kalanchoe plant flowers can be at least a month or two. Just give it water to keep it alive, but do not overdo it. One day the flowers decide to die. It is a conspiracy, they do it all together and you are left with a few large green leaves and bare stalks, but do not despair. Its skimpy life might last a few months, but you notice that suddenly new small green fleshy leaves begin to appear.

You might think now is the time to feed it, nurture it and of course above all, give it to drink. Forget it, it would be the best way to kill it with kindness.  A few drops of water perhaps once a week, or just when you feel like it.


Your wonderful flowering plant will look like this for many months. Put it in a quiet corner and one day you will be surprised with new flowers apparently. To be quite honest, it has never happened to me. I got a lot of skimpy long stalks, but probably I had lost my patience. and it went to the garbage happy hunting grounds.

This time I will keep it. I will give it a chance to flower again and survive.

RDP Monday: Skimpy

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