One Word Sunday: Culture


The carnival season usually in February, perhaps beginning of March, generally around Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. It is part of the culture of our catholic area of Switzerland. Many people take part, it is tradition, dressing up and attending the local carnival balls. Children love it of course. I was never a great carnival person, did not grow up with it. Mr. Swiss was also not a great carnival visitor but would now and again join some of the guys in the evening for a drink in one of the local decorated bars.

We have a hut in the middle of town, belonging to our hot chestnut vending family. It has always been a custom to play a carnival prank on the owners at the carnival time. It has been painted various colours, but now it has got more ornate, and one morning at the beginning of the year the owners find that their hut has been decorated with various carnival subjects. I was in town yesterday and took a photo of their newly decorated roof. The words “Himmel und Hölle” can be translated as “Heaven and Hell” which seems to be the theme for this year.

One Word Sunday: Culture

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    • It is mainly the Catholic Kantons that celebrate carnival (Fasnacht), the main areas being iBasel, followed by Lucerne and Solothurn where I live. Bern is not such a carnival area and The Bernese overland is not place for carnival

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