Fandango’s February Expressions #8

A watched pot never boils


I beg to differ.

Who does not know these packets of instant soup. Not quite instant, but the instructions on the back of the packet say mix with 1 liter of cold water, bring to the boil and cook for 7 minutes on a low heat, at least these do. They are produce of our supermarket.

However what they do not say in the instructions is that you should keep a constant eye on it whilst heating. They can be a big problem, especially if the male member of the household is keeping his eye watching for the pot (kettle) to boil. As the soup thickens it begins to bubble and rise. It is probably some sort of chemical process taking place in the powder mixture. Whilst you are watching it begins to creep to the rim of the pot. This is another version of boiling and it has even happened, that whilst it is being watched it boils to the extent that it boils over the rim of the pot, arrives on the hot plate beneath the pot and begins to sizzle and burn and smell.

Whilst cooking soup, do not let yourself be deterred by other events in and around the kitchen. Keep an eye on the pot, it will definitely boil, boil over.  No problem of course. Whilst the male member of the family is failing to understand the chemical process occurring in the pot, the woman of the family takes a cloth and begins to wipe the burnt tomato soup from the hot plate. This watched pot boiled.

Fandango’s February Expressions #8

5 thoughts on “Fandango’s February Expressions #8

  1. Over my zillion years of cooking, I have learned that cooking things like soup very slowly works better. If you have patience, it will boil, but hopefully not burn, stick, or boil-over. Even if I’m standing right OVER the pot, it’ll still stick and burn and/or boil over. I also put everything on timers these days which prevents a lot of problems I used to have. The oven turns itself off as does the air fryer and the microwave, though I don’t really cook in the microwave. That’s for reheating, not cooking.

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    • I need no water with the potatoes, they cook in their own juices and I find they have more taste in the microwave. I generally cook veg with as little water as possible, slowly in a pan with a tight fitting lid. We all have our own methods. I time my microwave, otherwise as you say practice is the system. You have to keep an eye on the instant soup, they tend to boil over.

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