Fandango’s February Expressions #8

A watched pot never boils


I beg to differ.

Who does not know these packets of instant soup. Not quite instant, but the instructions on the back of the packet say mix with 1 liter of cold water, bring to the boil and cook for 7 minutes on a low heat, at least these do. They are produce of our supermarket.

However what they do not say in the instructions is that you should keep a constant eye on it whilst heating. They can be a big problem, especially if the male member of the household is keeping his eye watching for the pot (kettle) to boil. As the soup thickens it begins to bubble and rise. It is probably some sort of chemical process taking place in the powder mixture. Whilst you are watching it begins to creep to the rim of the pot. This is another version of boiling and it has even happened, that whilst it is being watched it boils to the extent that it boils over the rim of the pot, arrives on the hot plate beneath the pot and begins to sizzle and burn and smell.

Whilst cooking soup, do not let yourself be deterred by other events in and around the kitchen. Keep an eye on the pot, it will definitely boil, boil over.  No problem of course. Whilst the male member of the family is failing to understand the chemical process occurring in the pot, the woman of the family takes a cloth and begins to wipe the burnt tomato soup from the hot plate. This watched pot boiled.

Fandango’s February Expressions #8

FOWC with Fandango: Sketchy


It was all so sketchy when I became seventy
I did not feel so different, it was just a nonentity
And then it began, slowly but sure
I forgot names of people, my brain was in detour
I had to write it down, my smartphone was my memory
But I forgot where I put it, not very exemplary
Mr. Swiss was already there, his age was 8 years plus
What he forgot I remembered, so why make a fuss
I could help him to remember, but then I began to forget
I gave the whole thing up, there was always internet
And so we are now cyber, our knowledge might be sketchy
The computer is to blame,  it was not so very stretchy

FOWC with Fandango: Sketchy

I must add, as it could cause confusion, I only used this 70th birthday card as an example of growing older. It is not my birthday, and will not be until December.

Good Morning


This is just before the sun rose this morning. We are really having a glorious light show at the moment, although it is quite cold and crisp. Saturday again, the weeks fly by so quickly. I managed to get my week-end shopping completed yesterday, so now it is just relaxation for the next two days. Although I am a golden oldie, I still have a week-end to do something a little different.

Yesterday was one of my relaxed evenings. There was no washing to do, no injections for my MS and altogether just taking it easy. I had time to upload the remainder of my photos. I suppose we all have our hobbies. I think life would be boring if I did not have my camera, or mobile phone for photos.


We are having fantastic views of the giants in the Bernese Overland at the moment. The air quality allows them to look a lot closer than they are. The mountain on the left is the Eiger and on the right Jungfrau.


I do not know the names of this group. Probably if I asked Mr. Swiss he would know them all, but who needs names when they look so imposing and sitting in my back yard, although quite a distance. We often spent our summer holidays in the Bernese Overland as it was not a great distance to travel. We took the motorway from Solothurn and travel via Bern.  We then branched off at Spiez and the road lead to Grindelwald where we usually booked a holiday chalet surrounded by the beauty of the mountains. Now they were within walking distance and we made many tours. Of course we did not actually climb them, only by mountain railways, but they were wonderful memories. Now I climb them going for a wheelie in my chair with the camera.


I also travelled through the top part of our village where we have the church perched on a hill. I often wonder why our churches are always on the top of hills, perhaps you hear the sound of the bells ringing better.


Spring is really in the air and as I wheeled through the cemetery I saw that the bushes were already producing their flower buds. It was just wonderful to get out in the fresh air. Now and again I might meet someone I know from the area, or even get to know someone also enjoying an excursion, but generally I see almost no-one. We really have it all to ourselves. I sometimes wish Mr. Swiss and I could do our walks together again as we did some 10-20 years ago, but old age creeps up on both of us and the body changes in a way that we never imagined. However we live in a wonderful place and for me as a London girl, I could never have imagined those many years ago that I would live in another country longer than my home country in such surroundings.


Even the moon appeared in the middle of the afternoon as I wheeled past the local castle. Probably it was because of the sun’s reflections in the right place at the right time.

And now I must go. Weather permitting, which it probably will, I might take a trip to town this afternoon.  So let us make the most of the week-end ahead and above enjoy. This bright side of life certainly is a good thing if you can find it. Have a good day everyone.