FOWC with Fandango: Scruples

Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (6)

Some of the graffiti that you see along the railway tracks are works of art. I can imagine the guys in the middle of the night with their cans of colour spraying without any scruples to the light of a lamp, or perhaps just the strong light on their mobile phone.

I took this photo while in a train from Solothurn entering the station of Basel on the French-swiss border.

FOWC with Fandango: Scruples

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Scruples

  1. Once, some guys were painting an artistic graffiti during the day in my neighborhood. It was an empty wall, and they were doing an excellent job. A lady called the police. They fined them and requested all the paint cans they had, even threatened to arrest them. I was looking with other people about the situation, and we began to defend the boys. The whole quarter was plenty of ugly graffiti supporting a terrorist group. Why don’t you arrest the guys who made those graffiti?

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  2. There is no denying that some street art is very good indeed and I don’t mind seeing it in places where permission has been given for it or if it is beautiful or makes a good point at least. On the other hand, there are a lot of people who do graffiti that is not art. It is ugly curse words and ugly sentiments. Even some of the good stuff is bad in the wrong place. When I worked for the railways one of my jobs was graffiti removal. It was bad when the whole inside of a railcar was covered in ugly tags or the windows were obscured by a mural, preventing people from seeing when they had arrived at their station. That stuff is not art, it is about getting attention. The chemicals we used for getting the paint off were very nasty. We had to wear gloves and respirators and often had to take a break because of the fumes and go get some fresh air. It was extremely unpleasant in hot weather when our hands would sweat in the rubber gloves. Some of the stuff didn’t come off no matter what we used on it. It is for this reason that I never use the term Graffiti Artist.

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    • You rarely find it on the actual trains in Switzerland. It is more along the tracks on the walls and some is quite attractive. But you are right about the abusive scribbles which have no sense except ruin a building .

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