Fandango’s February Expressions #7

Leave well enough alone.


They were my exact thoughts when the builders moved in to renew and renovate our building, turning a normal quiet stressless day into chaos. Seeing a pair of feet clad in work boots was no exception. The whole process took 7 months, during the summer of course. It was the summer that never was.

Apparently it was a decision made by all to say yes to this new refurbishment. However neither myself or Mr. Swiss remember deciding anything. I must admit we avoided going to the meeting where the decisions were made. It all happened three years ago, tempi passati and now life continues. Perhaps our insulation of the building is better, perhaps the new blinds are better, but our bank account is not better.

Fandango’s February Expressions #7

4 thoughts on “Fandango’s February Expressions #7

  1. That was what I hated about condo living, that a lot of other people with different priorities — and bank balances — meant we didn’t get things we needed and got a lot of stuff we didn’t want. Because Garry is Garry and pushy as hell, we managed to get them to let us all get the doors we wanted and build gardens rather than getting cemented in. When they told us we could only get a door they told us we could get … and we had to get different azaleas because ours were (really) the wrong color, I felt a strong need to move!

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    • Generally we can do what we want in our own four walls, but this was a general renovation of everything. Now it is yesterday’s news, but we were not very happy at the time with the disturbances to our daily life. We were probably too old for so much change.

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  2. My house has the opposite problem. The community sold the flat where the doorman lived because we had no longer a doorman. With that money, we wanted to eliminate the architectural barriers at the entrance of the building, which are awfull. And we need unanimity in the votation. One neighbor just because of some old brawls with another who wanted desperately to make the reforms, said no. And now we have the money, the project the permits but we cannot begin to make the reforms. There is a lady in the house who hasn’t go out to the street in three years because she is in a wheelchair and can’t use the lift (too narrow) nor sort the steps to reach the street. We are out of all legislations, but because of only one neighbor, we can do nothing.

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