Fandango’s February Expressions #7

Leave well enough alone.


They were my exact thoughts when the builders moved in to renew and renovate our building, turning a normal quiet stressless day into chaos. Seeing a pair of feet clad in work boots was no exception. The whole process took 7 months, during the summer of course. It was the summer that never was.

Apparently it was a decision made by all to say yes to this new refurbishment. However neither myself or Mr. Swiss remember deciding anything. I must admit we avoided going to the meeting where the decisions were made. It all happened three years ago, tempi passati and now life continues. Perhaps our insulation of the building is better, perhaps the new blinds are better, but our bank account is not better.

Fandango’s February Expressions #7

FOWC with Fandango: Scruples

Basel to Solothurn 05.09 (6)

Some of the graffiti that you see along the railway tracks are works of art. I can imagine the guys in the middle of the night with their cans of colour spraying without any scruples to the light of a lamp, or perhaps just the strong light on their mobile phone.

I took this photo while in a train from Solothurn entering the station of Basel on the French-swiss border.

FOWC with Fandango: Scruples

February Photo a Day Challenge: 7. Old

Old Weissenstein chair lift

We have a house mountain where I live, the Weissenstein and these were the chair lifts in use when I arrived here 53 years ago. They were still being used up to 10 years ago, but they were feeling their age. Often they needed a repair, but the spare parts could no longer be found and had to be made especially. After long discussions and debates it was decided that the whole system should be renewed. There were still some members of the public that resented the idea of our old chair system being replaced by something modern. However, it happened and today we have this.

Weissenstein 23.08 (7)

What could be better?

February Photo a Day Challenge: 7. Old</>

Good Morning


Well this is the sunrise perfect I would say. I even had to shield my eyes when I took the photo. When I rise in the morning the first thing I do is to see what is happening outside. First of all I see the usual red light in the distance over the mountains.


But the sun if still making its way. And then ten minutes later I take another look and get the sunrise as in the top picture. It was worth waiting for. I then potter around doing this and that to get the day to a start and 40 minutes later I arrive at the kitchen table with breakfast and the computer and the camera at my side. I have a nice view of the garden area where the sparrows arrive for breakfast and the bird waiting room in the trees. What could be better?

Yesterday I ventured out again into the countryside. The weather was far too good to stay at home.


My wheelie in my chair always begins on the path at the side of the railway tracks where I have my view of our part of the Jura mountains. The chain stretches down to Geneva but that would be a two hour train ride.  The snow covered tip on the left is the Hasenmatt, which is the highest point in the Kanton of Solothurn.


I travelled further through the cemetery and eventually arrived at the local stables which is also a bit of an animal farm, although the animals are quite democratic, live their own lives, and have nothing to do with George Orwell. The first one I see is the goat who decided to take a classic pose as got my camera ready. Unfortunately he only had the remains of a tree trunk to stand on and the fence was in the way. Its kid was on the other side of the enclosure. I remember when the goats arrived about two years ago and they are already in the second generation. This would be the nanny goat. I am not sure where dad is, but no longer seems to be around.


I moved onto the horses, and the pony was taking a walk in its enclosure. It is obviously a male and making no attempts to hide the fact. The pony has also been there for a couple of years. I believe he would be available  for rides with children, but mainly I see him grazing on a field or in his enclosure.


The king sized horses were also ready for a photo. They are also available for riding, but I just like to take photos where they are safely in their enclosures. And the grand finale were the chickens.


They seemed to be busy having a conversation. Perhaps they were discussing who had laid the most eggs during the week.


Now and again one breaks out through the fence.


Mainly they stay in their enclosure. This time I did not see the rooster, but he has a second harem on the other side of the field. They seem to be happy chickens and I noticed very clean, although the muddy weather has not yet arrived. It was a crisp day, quite cold, but it did not seem to bother the chickens.

When I arrived home I realised that I had just over 100 photos on my camera. One of the disadvantages of digital photos is that you click away without realising how many clicks you make. I still have half of the photos to process. Today I will be on a week-end shopping tour, so will not have time for a photo safari.

Time seems to be something that I do not have a lot of at the moment. I am busy keeping the apartment in order, cooking and today I have a pile of ironing from the bed linen that I washed yesterday. I have to search for “me” time, as I do not want to become a household machine. I have my photography and my blogs. Being somewhat handicapped with walking and mobility, I have developed my hobbies in accordance, and I need my own world. Perhaps I should reduce my blogging, but the various themes and challenges become a necessity in my life. Others can go for walks, belong to a club etc. I thought about joining a retired persons group here. It really appealed to me as it is a little more alternative than the usual drinking coffee and talking about senior problems. I just do not have the time. Mr. Swiss is no longer able to go places so much and the shopping relies on me. Perhaps I should cut back on some things, but I need my alternatives.

And now to enter the real world again and get the cleaning in action, although I have a bathroom visit planned first of all.  Mr. Swiss still makes the beds daily, so I do not have to do everything. Enjoy the day ahead, may it be a good one. See you later time permitting.