FOWC with Fandango: Prerogative


You know how it is when you go flying. You always get entertainment when you fly off. The hostess demonstrates how to use your masks in the case of lack of oxygen. I was the passenger and decided to take a photo of the demonstration. It was a simultaneous show and you can just see the other hostess in the background. They were very good. There was one little problem that this hostess happened to see me and said she did not like having photos taken of the demonstration. Of course I put my camera away. Although I already did have a few photos in the camera.

FOWC with Fandango: Prerogative

Good Morning


I think Spring is on its way. Yesterday was sunny and bright, although very cold. I would have loved to go for a wheelie in my chair, but had shopping to do, so my only excursion was to the supermarket. I noticed they were already selling fresh asparagus, although imported from somewhere in South America, but a sign that the year is progressing. Asparagus season begins late March here through April, but as the seasons are no longer what they were, who knows. Anyhow, we got a nice sunrise this morning.


I even saw a group of early crocus in the garden. I hope the dull days of Winter are now slowly departing


I found this early crocus in my raised bed. I planted many of them, but this seems to be the reconnaissance to tell the others that it would be OK to come out.

I am really hoping to get out this afternoon. I noticed that the alps were visible yesterday as I drove home from the supermarket.

Alps 16.01 (4)

This is a photo from last year, but they do not change their shape so quickly, although the snow seems to be melting faster than usual due to climate change etc.

The world is no longer as the one I grew up in it seems. Sometimes it reminds me of a science fiction novel, although I am not so sure that we always get the truth of what is happening. The virus that has appeared from China is disturbing. If it is not so bad, as they say. just a sort of flu that mainly becomes serious if you have other health problems, then why all the drama. Who knows what the boffins have discovered in laboratories and not telling us. I have a funny feeling about this one. Cruise ships are in lock down because infections have been found and complete cities are closed in China. Isolated cases are being discovered in various countries, and I am slowly getting the feeling that I am in a Stephen King novel. China’s economy is slowly collapsing, factories no longer producing and who knows how it looks in the agricultural branch, all due to lack of people. It always begins somewhere and creeps to other places. I probably read too many books and watch too many films.

And as for the developments in America, it is now similar to something like a 1984 novel or Animal Farm from George Orwell. Will we never learn? It seems we can only watch our ideals being destroyed by something that goes under the name of politics. I am now 73, Mr. Swiss 80, but what sort of world are we leaving to our children and grandchildren and we are all letting it happen.

Crow 05.02 (2)

In the meanwhile my crows still visit daily to see what there is to eat. They seem to be getting bigger and fatter all the time.  Even my cat Tabby has now begun to make an excursion in the morning. She seems to have been in hibernation throughout the Winter.


And now to continue with  finishing my bed making, it is day of fresh linen and lo and behold Mr. Swiss managed to do half of it to help me. It is not an easy job for both of us but we have our good days and not so good days.

I hope you are all having a good day, and if not, it can only get better is what I always say.