Fandango’s February Expressions #5

Children should be seen and not heard.


No problem today. Just give them a mobile phone for the next birthday gift, guaranteed you will only see them afterwards, but not hear them. If they have anything to say they send a text silently, no noise except perhaps  the clicking of the keyboard.

Fandango’s February Expressions #5

RDP Wednesday: Magic


This afternoon I was on a quest for food at the local supermarket, so nothing special. As I left the supermarket and looked from the parking spaces, which are on a higher level, I saw this view. OK, nothing really magical, but then I thought about it.

The floating clouds were so impressive. I am now at home and had another look at the photo, which I took with my mobile phone. I decided that I could do something with it to bring its assets to attention and so I cropped it a little.


And this is the result. It was an almost Spring day, the sun was shining and as I looked across the landscape I could see our local hills in the background. Magic is everywhere, you just have to see it.

RDP Wednesday: Magic

Good Morning


I got a sunrise this morning, although I was a little later leaving the bed. It was so nice and comfortable and after the miserable weather we had over the last couple of days with wind, rain and cold, I was not so interested. However the sun has risen here and so have I and above all it has stopped raining. My computer is moving extremely slow this morning, but everything seems to be OK at my end with the connections.


I had a little visitor yesterday. A robin suddenly appeared on the roof of my birdhouse and made himself busy pecking the seeds that were laying there.


Robins are shy little birds and always keep themselves to themselves. I never see them mixing with the others and you suddenly seem them sitting on a tree branch or pecking the food on their own.

Otherwise no great excitement at the moment. Yesterday was again an afternoon at home due to weather conditions. It is not fun going for a wheelchair journey when it is raining and there is not very much happening at the moment. I did get a request from Mr. Swiss to sign my voting papers. We are again voting in Switzerland. There are some government proposals and a couple of referendums but nothing I really get excited about so I signed on the dotted line as always and we have done our duty once again. Luckily we can vote by post so do not have to make a journey to a voting office in the village, although they are places where you could have a chat with the locals.  I remember the voting days in Britain. To my time you entered the polling station and did not speak a word until leaving again. It was almost like a church visit, carried out in silence.


We had a few snowfalls yesterday but nothing dramatic and it left no traces on the trees or ground, but the flakes were quite big.

I am off to a shopping trip this afternoon and should now get moving in the household. In the meanwhile Mr. Swiss is moving around and also complained that his computer is a slow mover today. Have a good day everyone, may it be a stressless one with smooth runnings.

I leave you with this morning’s view on our Jura mountains from the back yard that have also got their layer of snow in the meanwhile.