Good Morning


Halleluya – today we got a sunrise, a real one, although it did not stay long. Strong gale force winds were reported by the weather gods, but they seem to have already mostly passed through during the night, removing the lid off my bird house and wafting the carpet in front of my window outside around, however, no damage done.

Oh, and something else, although last year was the big deal, but time goes on and I had to remind myself, and Mr. Swiss, that today is our 51st wedding anniversary. Last year was the golden one and this year golden plus one. No big parties or celebrations, we just like to celebrate the anniversaries as they fall. We noticed that the weather is very similar to the day we got married. I remember sitting in a restaurant having a drink before the ceremony in the registry office (no church wedding) and looking out of the window watching a few snow flakes falling.


Another little surprise was the it snowed this morning. Not a big deal, but the flakes were quite large, although on the photo on my mobile phone you do not see them so well and they look more like white polka dots. The last time we had snow was a day in December and since then there have been none. Even now it is not constant, not heavy enough to lay on the ground and now and again it stops and returns. As I do not have to go anywhere today it does not bother me too much.


It certainly does not bother my sparrows and yesterday I manage to catch them on a photo as they were preparing to make a group flight. I think they must have a hidden messenger system, or perhaps it is done by telepathy. They arrive together, eat and suddenly as it by an invisible signal they all depart together and there is really no-one to disturb them outside.

Today I am a little later, although was not hugging the bed longer. My cleaning lady is here and busy. She is really a pearl. I just leave her to it and she works through the bathroom, shower and kitchen and does a wonderful job.

I was on my usual tour of the store yesterday and now have enough in my larder until tomorrow when I make the next journey. I am not such a person for buying once a week as that would be too much planning stress. Every second day does me fine and I get out and see other human beings, otherwise it would just be me and Mr. Swiss and the birds.

And so I wish everyone a good day, I am now off to finish cooking lunch.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love all of this post. Congratulations to your 51 years of being a couple!
    Congrats on having found THE pearl for the cleaning…. Such an invaluable help (if you can get it).
    Your snowdrops have turned out perfect on your photo. Mine (taken with the smartphone) are more like splotches…. and I can spot a snail house! 😉
    Returned to France yesterday and had a wild night – sadly not the romantic one (which, incidentally wouldn’t be that good as HH is working in Zurich!) – but wild with the most horrendous wind storms and such heavy rain that I thought for the moment that I was being burglared (no fear though, as we have alarm systems)… and no snow, BUT dozens and dozens of mini tête-à-tête daffs in the terracotta planters on the window sills. Lovely, lovely – winter be gone….

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    • And now we have a nice clean kitchen and bathroom.
      I took my photo of the snowdrop with my mobile phone but had to almost get on my knees to get the right perpective, which is a little dangerous for me as I cannot get up again without someone to lift me.They have really improved on the iPhone camera.
      I think our night was also a bit wild after seeing the movabl objects in their different places this morning but we survived. Today is a mixture of snow, mainl rain, and wind. Not very invitng to go places.
      We are also slowly getting signs of Spring here and my chives ae growing again. A few days ago I saw a few stalks and now it is a lot more than just a few stalks.

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  2. Good morning, Itis just getting light out. It is going to be another clear and cold day. Happy anniversary! Our 50th was some years ago. We now have the best caregiver, they are to find. Have a wonderful day.

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    • Although we both have our health issues, we manage together. The only help we have are our cleaning lady, but my No. 1 son is also a good support and never complains when I ask him for help

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