Good Morning


I think we have had constant rain since two days and my bones are rusty enough. At least we now have clouds instead of the plain grey sky. The weather forecast prophesied very strong winds from Tuesday, but they have already arrived, although not yet the 100 kilometres an hour, thank goodness. I have so wanted to get out with my camera but no chance in this weather, so I only have the usual crowd of birds fluttering around outside.


I spotted this little chap sitting in a tree opposite and at first thought it to e a robin, but he seemed to have too much of a red breast, so it might be some sort of chaffinch. He had separated himself from the rest of the mixed flock, which robins usually tend to do.


Otherwise it was just the usual crows in the morning to snap a few walnuts. The magpies had already made off with the peanuts. They do it so quickly I do not even have time for a photo.

It was a  Sunday at home. If it wasn’t for my computer I think I would sink into boredom. Of course I have a book to read, but I like to reserve that for the evening, which I did yesterday. There was nothing interesting on the TV. Mr. Swiss settled with a German Tatort (Crime Scene) police series. I used to watch them as well, as some of the subject matter was quite good. However, after 50 years of this weekly series, it can be a boring repetition. 50 ways of killing someone you could call it. I have a few chores to deal with in the evening, like running the washing machine and dish washer. Eventually I had sorted everything, did my 2-day rota injection for my MS and settled in front of the British TV channel to watch the BAFTA awards (a British version of the Oscars). I realised that I am getting completely out of touch with the current film actors and even with the new films. I almost recognised no-one by name. Of course there were some of the older actors that still perform, but how they have changed. I only recognised half of them. Their faces had changed in shape, thinner or fatter, and of course the hair was a few shades greyer. How they have changed with the years, but so have I of course. Even the stars are subject to becoming golden oldies.


I had a pleasant surprise when I looked out of the window yesterday and saw a flash of yellow. On a closer look and with the zoom lens I realised that one of the first harbingers of Spring had arrived opposite my front garden. The hazel tree had produced its catkins, despite the miserable weather we have been having. At least a bright sign on the horizon.

This afternoon I will be going on an excursion to the store to replenish food supplies. We are now quite low on the interesting sides of food, such as peanuts, walnuts and salted biscuits. They are the objects that I always have ready on the near surfaces: an emergency help yourself when feeling peckish and it seems that everyone was peckish over the weekend. I am now off to visit the shower and afterwards the apartment with my vacuum cleaner. Have a good beginning to the week, may it be filled with signs of Spring being around the corner, although ours is more filled with signs of a deluge.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I already got my tax forms this morning in the post, so it looks like a busy week, although we have a guy that does it all for us, we just have to organise it. Otherwise a really miserable day, grey and wet.


    • We can get Netifix if we want it, but I am not really so interested. With us both being golden oldies now and me more or less running the household alone I would no longer have the time to watch the films. My No. 2 son has it


  1. It’s another grey, chilly day here, too. We filled the feeders yesterday and the birds are eating like there’s no tomorrow! I wonder if a storm is on the way? It isn’t predicted, or wasn’t yesterday, but when birds eat with that kind of fury, it often means weather is changing for the worse. It isn’t going to snow — too warm — so I’m guessing MORE rain. We’ve had at least a little rain almost every day, but maybe this means a lot more rain? Trust the birds. The weather guys don’t seem to know.

    Is this spring? If it is, how is it different than winter?

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    • There is a storm on its way here with high winds and all the trimmings, but today was just miserable rain weather. Our sparrows meet at lunch tie for a second round of food, but otherwise there is not very much birdy action at the moment. I notice that my cat Tabby is changing her sleep routine choosing other places. I am sure she feels the chaging of the seasons.


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