7 thoughts on “FOTD 3rd February 2020: Kalanchoe

  1. I have a salmon-colored blossomed Kalanchoe that grows in my kitchen window. It blooms in winter, bringing a bit of cheer to the dreary days, yet is lucky I do anything to help it survive! It’s definitely a good plant for negligent people. Mine has a single petaled flower yet the clusters of blossoms make a very pretty window display. It used to be ion a different window, but does so much better where I do much better watering it since it is over the kitchen sink.

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    • I give mine water once a week and when I buy it with the buds it lasts a log while. When the flowers are finished it begins to make small fleshy leaves, but I have never managed to get them to flower again. Perhaps I do not have the patience to wait. Now I will keep the one I have until next Winter and see what happens.


      • Mine reliably blooms every year. I think the “trick” must be to neglect the plant! Ha! I don’t water mine with any schedule, letting the pot go dry before I add water again. If the plant starts dropping leaves, I’ve neglected it too far. The blossoms arrive this time of year, and the rest of the year, after the flowers drop, the plant does the same as yours – produces leaves on long stems. .

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