Fandango’s February Expressions #2

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

Sparrow in supermarket

Was this tiny sparrow really being a fool when it flew down from the rafters of the supermarket, after mistakenly taking  the wrong direction. Now it was in the middle of rows of food packed in bottles and packets. But wait a minute, it just discovered the bread department. Now it was happy, food forever and definitely no fool. There were no angels, they were busy filling their baskets to feed their families at home.

Fandango’s February Expressions #2: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread

RDP Sunday: Masterpiece

cup, spoon and fur

I decided to create a masterpiece
My cats were not so happy
I borrowed some of their fur
They really got quite snappy
Then someone stole my idea
of a fur cup and a spoon
Meret Oppenheimer got there first
So I found another tune

roschti and apple

I borrowed the cat next door
Put an apple in front of his head
He was not so very happy
And scratched me until I bled
And then I had a shock
Twas really quite unfit
Again someone was an original
An idea of Rene Magritte

arc and tree and fur transparent with arm

I had a brilliant idea
For this I used my arm
Suspended from a tree
But the police it did not charm
It was then I got arrested
for using an axe to chop
Eventually I managed to convince them
That I was using Photoshop

RDP Sunday: Masterpiece

Good Morning


This was my first work of the morning. I had a look outside for a fantastic sunrise with all the trimmings, but found none, so I settled for the bread I just took out of the oven.  To disillusion you all, I did not stop hugging my bed in the early morning hours to make pastry, I already bought it half baked and only had to put it in the oven for a few minutes to brown it off. I always buy one for Sunday evening.


Otherwise not a lot happening on this dull Sunday morning: no sun and nothing special. The sparrows have arrived and so did a couple of crows and I even caught a thieving magpie as it made off with the peanut snack, leaving nothing for the others.  They really do look after themselves first of all.

I was going for a wheelie yesterday in my chair, was quite looking forward to it, but it began to rain in the afternoon and continued. Not a strong rain, but one of those fine soaking showers that never stopped. This morning there is no rain, but not an exciting day. I was stuck with the TV and a book yesterday evening. There was a Stephen King filming of The Dark Tower showing. I knew of the book series, but had never read any of it. I had the feeling after watching the film, that the book would probably be better. It was not bad, but full of camera tricks with burning hands and people disintegrating. The hero was a teenage boy with, yes, wait for it, an extremely good gift of the Shining. Sometimes I wish I had that as well, although I would use it to perform tasks like cooking, ironing and cleaning. I do not think I would really want to see into the future and the only enemies I have are the tax people, which reminds me I have a pile of sorted tax documents now ready. Only one is missing and that is the apartment calculations, but we only get them at the end of the month.


Staying at home yesterday meant not very much fresh food for my camera, but the usual roaming visitor, Roschti the cat next door who takes a walk through my garden now and again. And look what I discovered on this photo. On the right it must be the first flowering crocus of the year. it really looks like Spring is on its way. I only noticed them when I uploaded the photo.


Thanks Roschti for paying us a visit. He is actually hoping I have left the kitchen door open as I have Tabby’s food bowl within range and as all cats, he is always on the lurch for food opportunities. I have often caught him in the kitchen helping himself to the food. They are special pellets for cats with kidney problems, but that does not bother Roschti: food is food.


It was on Friday when we had blue skies and could again see the international air traffic in the sky above. I often wonder how it looks from up there and whether they see me with my camera below as they fly over. My flying days are now gone, but they had their thrill at the time.

And now for some Sunday thrills cooking lunch and generally having  a golden oldie relaxed day- There is a wind picking up and I think my hopes of an afternoon on the trails are slowly disappearing. The weather gods are not co-operating.