FOWC with Fandango: Renege

driving licence

This is my driving licence showing a younger me at the age of 36 years. It was issued when I passed my test. I was not really a young driver, but realised that having four children to move around, working as a housewife and an export clerk in a company, all simultaneously, I had to get mobile. Depending on public transport and otherwise walking everywhere was becoming a little exhausting and after approximately 90 driving lessons I took the test and passed first time which was a surprise for everyone concerned including my driving instructor probably.

I was proud to get this licence and have had it in my purse since that day, carrying it everywhere with me. It was paper, and naturally has got a little crumpled and frayed at the edges in the meanwhile, but it is still my official permit, that is until the end of 2023, meaning I still have three years to change it to a plastic credit card similar permit. I am one of the remaining 29,000 owners of the old paper version in Switzerland.

How can they do this? Change the law to force you to stop using an environmental friendly material and transfer to plastic material, which we should all now be reducing. I will hold out to the last minute and some time in December 2023, with a tear in my eye I will exchange this reminder of the good old days to something plastic. I will probably become one of the last in Switzerland to do it.

FOWC with Fandango: Renege

4 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Renege

  1. We’ve had plastic driving licenses for quite a few years now. One thing they didn’t say at the beginning is they now only last 10 years and you have to pay to renew them – and that’s before we reach an age where annual reviews are required. Our paper driving licenses never had photographs though. I expect we’ll be microchipped before long :-/

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    • We do not have to renew our licences and keep them until perhaps you notice yourself that you are no longer fit to drive, or perhaps health circumstances intervene. They did have a law that said at the age of 70 you should have an examination every two years to see if you were still fit to drive, but for some reason the law has now been cancelled after only a couple of years and they have left to your own common sense. We have always had photos on our licence even on the plastic new licence and the plastic ones do have a microchip

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