5 thoughts on “February Expressions: 1st February 2022

  1. My eye doctor is funny. He flashes these little screens in front of my eyes and says, “which is better? This? Or this?” Heck, they both look pretty much the same sometimes. I tell him, ‘Not sure.’ He replies, “Wishy washy.” Make me laugh every time.

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  2. Garry loves his implanted lenses. For the first couple of years, he could see like a figher pilot, except he couldn’t read anything closer than 3 feet away and needed reading glasses or computer glasses for everything. I’ve been waiting for cataracts but apparently I don’t have any.

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    • Mr. Swiss is also glad that he has had it done and can now read again with no problem. My sight is at its limit, and my glasses can no longer be improved on. I visited the eye doctor where Mr. Swiss had his operation done and she said I should come again some time towards the end of the year to see how it is developing. My optician always tells me to see the eye doctor before having new glasses made.


      • My eyes no longer are sharp. My distance glasses can see things more than 8 feet away and my computer glasses see the computer. Nothing helps me read and taking pictures? Well, thank the world for auto-focus. Eventually, I really won’t be able to do it.

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