RDP Friday: Retire

Fountain Senior Home 08.06 (2)

My hair is now grey,  my bones have gone rusty
Even my features are becoming quite crusty
Where is the action I used to enjoy?
I am now an old lady, Mr. Swiss an old boy
We cling onto our walkers, no running for the bus
Take an afternoon sleep, have no patience for fuss
Free time still exists filled with visits to the doc
Long for the days when we did not need a stock
We looked forward to retirement to do what we wanted
but this was an illusion, our life is now haunted
In the evening we relax, to the bed we will creep
But we still watch TV, if we do not fall asleep

RDP Friday: Retire

8 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Retire

    • Mr. Swiss is 80, I am 73 years old, and I can tell you that growing old is not such a nice process. I had a few surprises on the way. And we do fell asleep in front of the TV, although I must admit Mr. Swiss more than me and we both rely on our walker when going places.

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