Good Morning

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (1)

I decided to omit a photo of this morning’s sky, because it is not a sky, just something plain and grey. It is raining and cold and very very boring. Instead I show a photo from yesterday afternoon when I again broke loose to conquer my world, be it only with a camera. This was the first photo I took as I was leaving our estate with a distant view of the Bernese Alps and a wonderful sky to match it. Not too many clouds, but  enough to paint a picture. The sun broke through yesterday morning, but only in the afternoon did it succeed in staying for a while. As I was wheeling home in my chair I suddenly felt something dropping onto my jacket. It had even begun to rain, although I was nearly home so no danger was done. It is particularly irritating when you are wheeling along in an open chair as you have no great protection.

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (6)

The first thing I saw on my journey as I wheeled along the main road were these crows opposite. The farmer had ploughed up the field and they had arrived to take a peck at what lay beneath the earth.

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (9)

As I looked up at the Jura mountains in the background I noticed that snow had fallen on the higher slopes. We have had very little snow this year and in the lower lands where our village is, had only one day of snow on 13th December. I know the date as I took a few photos of it which are now a reminder that it did actually snow once. On the one hand I am glad that we had no snow, it makes it easier to drive on the roads, on the other hand it is not so normal and I am not sure what our nature gods will do with less snow. The strange thing is that we have had quite a cold Winter without the snow. And now we are told that temperatures will be over 10° C this week-end, almost Spring.

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (27)

I eventually arrived in town and wheeled past our old arsenal building. It is the one where they cover the windows at Christmas with Christmas Calendar pictures. The steps on the left lead to an older house that was built by a wealthy industrial family sometime in the 17th-18th centuary. It is said that Casanova once spent some time in the house on a visit to our town, getting to know Lady von Roll a little better, although whether it is the truth or legend is not certain.

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (33)

There were not many people in town and the small side streets were quite empty, but all the more you can capture their quaint beauty. Very little has changed in this town over the years and the houses are protected in their form.  The high rise modern part of town is more on the edge out of the way of the natural beauty of the central part.

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (36)

I also noticed that our usually crowded restaurant mile on the Landhaus Quay had less visitors than usual, but it was a weekday and the working population were busy with other chores. For the golden oldies it was also a little cold.

Eventually I wheeled on home. I did not want to stay too long, as I had other things to do at home. However, what would be a visit to town in Winter without taking some memorable photos of our gull population who seem to outnumber the humans at the moment.

30.01.2020 Baselstrasse Altstadt (51)

And now to turn my thoughts to the day ahead. Yet again it is week-end shopping afternoon and I have been busy planning the food requirements. As soon as Monday arrives, it seems to be Friday again. I have no extra chores today and I am hoping for a stressless day, as probably most of you are. I am off now, so enjoy the day, it’s Friday and for the workers they now have a week-end in front. A big thank you for those that work at the week-end for the benefit of the rest of the population.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. The little birds….with the leader standing alone. What a great photo. And the mountains–you live in a very pretty area. There are no mountains in Florida–flat as a pancake.

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  2. We actually have sun today! Wow! The second day in a row, but tomorrow is set for rain and maybe mixed with rapidly melting snow. This has not been anything like a normal winter and it is very dull taking pictures. If if weren’t for the birds, I would have shot nothing. I haven’t been shooting birds for the last week. I have so many pictures I haven’t done anything with yet, I figured i’d catch up with the number I have before I load up on more. These gray skies do make for dull pictures.

    I’m wondering what summer will be like after such a warm winter.

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    • I have to give myself a push to go somewhere with the camera, otherwise at home there is no big variation at the moment. Even the magpies and crows have deserted me, but the tits are back. Today began with rain, but this afternoon was brilliant sunshine and temperatures of 12° C, really like Spring.


  3. The birds in a row was so cute, but I loved seeing the town and the “age” as opposed to newly formed cities I’m sure you get my drift. I love modern architecture, but there is something so appealing about that which has lasted a while, has history, depth!

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