Good Morning


Yes,, we have a sunrise. I must admit I hugged my bed just a little longer this morning, but that gave the clouds enough time to shift to one side and let the sun arrive. Actually when I first arose I went to the back window and it was still overcast. By the time I had worked through my No. 1 son’s bed, the cat recycling tray and raised all the blinds I got to the front garden and saw there was light. I realised if the front was light, then it must be at the back as well, because that is East where the sun arrives and it was so, so I returned to the back window and took a few photos of a sunrise to make the most of it.  It has been so long since I saw one.


Encouraged with this sign of light I took a closer look at my garden beds and I saw that the first chives have appeared: little green shoots are poking through. At last I can add the real thing to my salad sauce and not the dehydrated pieces in a plastic jar from the supermarket.


There were also some fresh mint leaves, is Spring on its way?


Of course, the crocus have began to show their first sprouts. I might even be tempted to go places in my wheelchair this afternoon, if it does not rain in the meanwhile.

I also noticed a change in the bird behaviour. For a couple of days the magpies have made themselves scarce and the crows only come on a short visit. The walnuts and peanuts lay neglected until late morning when they suddenly disappear. The sparrows have doubled in number. I have now shifted my birdhouse nearer to the kitchen window as I found it was becoming quite neglected, but that was a mistake. It is the tits that like to select their food from higher levels and not the ground as the sparrows do and they still visit for their food supplies, but no longer seem to eat so much.

My cat Tabby is also eating more at the moment since her vet visit. Yesterday she spent quite a while in front of the window bird watching. Even an elderly lady still has her fun.

I was on my usual shopping trip yesterday and had another win on the machine they have in the supermarket. When you pay at the cash desk you take your cash receipt and hold the stripy code agains the window in the machine. A circle of lights begin to turn and stops. If you are lucky it stops at a place where you can win. I won another ticket. It is the fourth time it has happened to me, for extra double points when I pay the next time. As an exception I can combine this ticket with one that I already have for double points making four times as many points. there is a pay out every 2 months and I usually collect enough points for 100 Swiss Francs off the bill. When I used to go shopping with Mr. Swiss in the good old days before we both had our mobility problems, I never seemed to have the time to examine these details, but since doing the solo trip I am getting quite an expert.

Yesterday evening there was not much on the TV, German or British, so I at last sorted all the income Tax documents we had received from various directions. We have time to hand it all in with the papers until March when we should have all the information we require. Mr. Swiss always did it, but now it is my turn, although he is in the background with advice and help. We also have a tax advising guy that sort the documentation for us and hands it in to the authorities with the completed forms. I have now sorted it in various plastic folders and have told Mr. Swiss to throw an eye on it. In  Switzerland it seems everyone must be an accounts expert. From this year the new tax documents will only be available on line and it will all have to be done by mobile phone or computer. I am not quite sure what this means for me, but I do know we now have to have a password for progressing it all. How do the golden oldies without computers or mobile phones manage? It is not everyone a computer expert.

And now to move on with yet another stunning sunrise photo. I am a little behind with my daily planning due to a sleep in. So have a good day everyone, or sleep well, according to where you are in the world.  I will now finished my breakfast cuppa and move on to the bathroom to complete my ablutions.  See you around on the flip side.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Everything sound so exciting … we are sorting tax documents also, but we still have the paper versions .. I think … I hope … we will have to wait and see … have a great day … SLP …

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  2. The question about the citizens w/o access or knowledge of online banking/tax paying etc is bothering me greatly. My mum is blind, my mo-in-law doesn’t know the first thing about computers. How on earth are they going to deal with stuff….

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    • Even I have my problems with the new developments, but at least I use my computer and iPhon for online banking etc. I don’t understand the Swiss tax authorities with this new development. Not everyone is a Bill Gates.

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      • Oh Pat; HH just got HIS forms yesterday and all in German (he’s a French spoken Swiss Romand!) – he doesn’t understand a word and the 1.2kg forms are for International ‘Wochenaufenthalter’ – he as a Swiss seems to fall through every single crack in the system and already he is double-taxed by CH & F….. this is going to cost a lot of nerves!

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  3. It’s close to tax time here too and we got sunshine today, though no special sunrise to greet it. I’m just glad that the sun is finally out! For us today it’s the dentist. Cleanings and warnings I’m sure of more we need to do. We’ve got something “on” every day this week except Sunday and even more next week.

    Just one day of sunshine will help. I don’t know if the crocuses are up yet. I doubt it. They don’t usually pop up until February, but who knows? This has been a very warm January.

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    • I was out this afternoon and it was very cold. The sun also decided to diesappear and only came out now and again. It is quite smooth runnings at the moment, just my usual chores to deal with. I also noticed some daffoldil leaves in the garden today.


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