FOWC with Fandango: Strange


I have had this car just over a year. Of course I can drive it, but I think it is only now that I am really beginning to understand it. The sales guy organised this screen when I bought it. Of course there are many screen choices, but the salesman decided this would be the most useful. I found it strange at the beginning, but after my first tyre change from Winter to Summer the guy that did it turned it off and I missed it.  Now and again I tried to turn it on again, but I had the wireless running in the background, and I did not want any wireless distraction. After not driving since I was retired. I left it all to Mr. Swiss. When he gave up his driving licence, I had no choice, bought my own car and there I was in the world of driving with a screen to accompany me.

Last week I visited the garage to check about when I should have my first service. There was a lady there, she came with me to the car and showed me how to look and she organised my screen again, but it had the radio in the background. She said that was no problem and with a switch turned it off, it was so simple. Now I have my screen again and further, I sometimes listen to the radio when I am driving. At the age of 73 I am getting back into the old routine. Apparently it is never too late to learn.

On this screen I even see the street where I am on the top left corner. I took the photo when my car was parked at the supermarket before switching it off. I can even see roughly how many kilometres I must drive before tanking. The numbers are not showing on the photo, because I was parked.

I did not grow up in a family with a car. Dad could not drive and for mum the drive in a car was always something special. I think this legacy of a non-driving family remained with me. I still have a strange feeling when I realise I am driving a car. but as soon as I am behind the wheel everything seems to take care of itself.

FOWC with Fandango: Strange

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Strange

    • I can remember those cranks when I was a kid, turning it to start the car. Cars are getting a little too technical for me. I must admit I have never used the cruise control, that will proably be m next step.


  1. Isn’t it exciting learning all this new stuff?! My car is several years old, but when I had it in the shop, the screen on mine was switched. Well, I found out I had three different screens I could switch to. Who knew? My friends with newer cars have a camera that shows what’s behind them backing up. That is way too new to me!

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    • I also have that camera. It also peeps if I get too near to anything. Parking is a concert of sound. I also don’t have a key, but carry the key with me. I grip the door and it opens. I press a button to start the car. I am surprised that I still have to drive it and use a steering wheel, that it doesn’t do it by itself

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