FOWC with Fandango: Allegory


Charles had many girl friends, but he decided that Dorothy was to be the chosen one. Not only was she attractive, but her father was very rich. He was convinced that his good looks would be irresistible and imagined leading a very comfortable life with her after they were married.  He sent her a bouquet of tulips. She returned them with a card saying that even tulips can have their thorns.

FOWC with Fandango: Allegory

RDP Wednesday: Rhyme


I saw no reason or rhyme for the ribbon around this tree
It really made no sense, perhaps just done with glee
Perhaps it was a work of art, a gardeners guarantee
He tied a red ribbon around it, for everyone to see
It really looks quite silly and not so filigree
And now this rhyme is finished, there are no more words for me
Nothing more is satisfying, so I will have a cup of tea
My rhyming words are finished, I have reached the last degree

RDP Wednesday: Rhyme

Good Morning


It’s raining this morning. A similar start to the day as yesterday, so everything wet, wet, wet. The skies did clear up in the afternoon yesterday and there were even big blue patches with a few clouds slipping along for the show. Perhaps it will turn better this afternoon, although I will be on the shopping tour and no time to really enjoy it.

Solothurn 30.06 (7)

Although they have a cheerful welcome decoration at the main entrance to the vet, I do not think Tabby was very happy about the whole thing. Her meowful calls began already on the way in the car. Mr. Swiss always comes with me on this occasion as I cannot manage to walk with a cage in one hand and my stick in the other and keep my balance, although we both now rely on our walkers.  However we left the walkers at home, and Mr. Swiss looked after Tabby whilst I parked the car. Parking is also not so easy at the vet, as their car park is at the end of a narrow alley meaning drive forward to park and drive backwards when finished which is not one of my specialities. Anyhow I managed to park next to the back entrance as the two steps only are easier to climb for me. I also noticed they now have a railing next to the steps. The vet told me afterwards, that was from my suggestion last year. I remember I then said it would be easier for me to enter with a railing. Mr. Swiss went first and told the assistant we needed help to carry Tabby’s cage and she came immediately and carried it into the surgery.


Afterwards it was smooth runnings, although I don’t think Tabby was the same opinion. First of all she had to donate a tube of blood for a check on her kidney problems. The vet said we could wait for the results. It seems the problem is still there, but under control with her special food and daily dose of medicine. She has lost some weight, but it is manageable. Tabby is also now an elderly lady (17 years) but is bearing up well. We never notice that she would be in pain, perhaps sleeps a little more, but is still active now and again. In the last week she is even began to take a visit to the great outdoors now and again, although does not go far. Cats seem to notice when the warmer weather is approaching.

She also got her annual jabs and eventually we made our way home again. We have been visiting the same vet since we have had Tabby (and our other two cats who are now living their 10th life) so she knows her. We always discuss Tabby’s litter sister, Nera who has remained in their memories. She was a black fluffy cat and not very friendly to the vet. They had to pack her in a sack when giving her the jabs and she was very unco-operative. Eventually we departed for home, being glad to have it all behind us. I must say Tabby never complains when being jabbed or prodded and just sits still and accepts the treatment.

We were both glad to be back home again afterwards and so was Tabby.


We had a quiet morning with the birds yesterday. The magpies did not visit and there were only a few crows. The walnuts and peanuts only disappeared in the afternoon. There were plenty of sparrows as usual. It was a very windy day yesterday which did not seem to keep the birds away.

After the excursion to the vet I had my usual “me” time with the computer in the afternoon and spent the evening with laundry and the TV.

And now to continue today’s routine and I am glad to say I have no appointments or special things to do in the next few weeks. Hope you all have a good day and no stress.