FOWC with Fandango: Subtle

Ambulance 04.01, (3)

It happened again. I am sure that every time I take the car for a ride someone sends a signal, she’s coming, let’s give her a surprise.

This time I was on my way home from the vet: my cat on the back seat in the car and Mr. Swiss sitting next to Tabby to reassure her. We were on the final stretch and I heard it, The “doo-da, doo-da” of the ambulance somewhere. Was it approaching me or coming from behind, I had no idea and Mr. Swiss was telling me not to drive so slow. I was slowing down in preparation, but he is a man and does not realise the thoughts going through a female head.

It was then I saw it, flashing lights and the emergency horn, the complete show and it was closing up on me from behind. With quick thinking and versatility I noticed there was a side street approaching, empty, so I subtly  moved to one side into the edge of the street and the ambulance passed by. Afterwards it cut across the road and stopped at the senior citizens home opposite, just around the corner from my place.  I seem to be collecting excitement on the road lately. I just hope it was nothing serious. I happen to know someone in that senior residence.

FOWC with Fandango: Subtle

Good Morning


Great,  this morning I saw clouds and a beam of light in the background. Will the sun return today? It is still all written in the clouds. We have very strong winds, which were predicted for the next few days, so it will be a movable feast it seems. I can hear the wind blowing through   the trees and even the birds are staying away from their usual morning feast. I do not think that it will be a pleasant day today weatherwise.


There is one small ray of hope. What did I see in my garden this morning. The first flowers have appeared. My faithful snowdrops arrived. There was no announcement, they were suddenly there as always for the last 15 years.

Otherwise nothing really happening. Yesterday I was on a shopping trip. Generally I just shop, fill up my trolley, pay at the desk and go. This time I actually met two people that I know for a conversation. If I shop in the morning I always meet someone, but afternoons seems to be more reserved for golden oldies. The housewives like to get it all behind them in the morning I think. Shopping is for me a chance to get out, go places and see things.


As I sit here in the morning I had to look outside and close my window. Apart from the rain we have really high winds and they are even strong enough to open the cat flap, which is locked by magnet. We have now closed all the windows and now thunder has joined in the spectacle.  The funny thing is I  have not seen a bird all morning outside, but suddenly the sparrows have appeared at least 20 of them. The wind does not seem to bother them, although the heavy brigade, magpies and crows, are still keeping away.

This morning would be a cleaning lady day, but she phoned yesterday with more a croak than a voice to say she has a bad cold so this week no cleaning lady, although I must say the place does not look too bad. And that is all I have for a morning start to the day. Have a good one everyone.


A view of some palm trees with their “hats” in the neighbourhood. I wonder if they stay where they are in the strong gale force winds we are having at the moment.