Good Morning


The weather is not improving at all. We have no rain, no snow, no wind really, just grey in grey and no clouds with temperatures hovering around 0°C, although perhaps a little more today as my cat’s water outside was not frozen. Yesterday was a very dull Sunday. I could not even gather the interest to go somewhere with the camera. Everything is so boring at the moment, with no great highlights. I might have visited the town, but these days no-one seems to visit the town on Sunday. I remember in our early family days Mr. Swiss would take the kids out for a walk on Sunday morning, while I was preparing lunch. He would take them for a drink in a local restaurant and sometimes visit his mother. Now the No. 1 son I still have at home usually only arrives home in the early morning hours after an evening in town with his colleagues and walking for the fun of it is no longer in the golden oldie programme.

At least I had a little highlight yesterday from my kitchen window.


My blackbird is now becoming a regular visitor and even sits with the sparrows. It does not seem to bother either species. It is usually Mr. Blackbird that arrives, although now and again I see Mrs. Blackbird. It is one of those bird sorts where the male has the good looks with his colourful beak and black feathers. The wife has the usual brown beak and more mottled feathers with some brown in it. Since we had the lawn removed from the garden they no longer visited. They are mainly interested in worms for the babies when they arrive in Spring and we no longer have so many. However when they realise food is available they return for their share.


The sparrows are always there, now and again giving a flying demonstration.

I found a little time to read further in my book yesterday. I used to read a lot more, but my time in the evening is never so constant. I might have a laundry to do, the machine being in my room in the cellar. Then I start the dishwasher and can sit again for three quarters on an hour until it is time for my MS injection. Afterwards the washing machine is finished, so back to the cellar to get the wash and then hang it and afterwards empty the dishwasher. It happens mainly in the evening because my electricity is then half price which can otherwise be an expensive commodity. Eventually peace settles again and I can make myself comfortable. I am then too tired to read further.


Now another week is beginning, so I will have to take a look at my programme. This afternoon another safari to the store to replenish a few items, although it is not such a long list at the moment. Tuesday afternoon I have the annual visit to the vet with Tabby to check on her health and see how her kidneys are doing after a year of treatment with a special diet and daily medicine. She also has to have her jabs which she does not really appreciate but no-one really like to be prodded with a needle. I prod myself with a needle every second day with my medicine but that does not bother me. However, if I have to go to the doctor for vampire treatment when I donate sample of blood, it makes a difference when someone else is doing the prodding: must be a psychological thing.

And now to move on with a little bit of daily tidying to keep me fit. Have a good day everyone and beginning to the week.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I also thought that fog made a change for photos, but after a week of it, you would like to see the sun again. I think the sparrows are gradually taking over.


  1. Our days start off blue and turn quickly grey, sometimes with a little bit of blue between the overcast gray. I didn’t take any birdie pictures today, but I watched them. I recently realized that what I thought were a few birds are actually many birds. They wait in the trees until they think it’s their turn for the feeder, they swoop down and chase away those who’ve stayed too long. Like a fancy restaurant where they overstay their welcome and don’t leave a tip! Winter hasn’t been wickedly snowy, but it has been wickedly rainy, muddy, and very dull.

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    • I actually saw a round yellow thing for a few minutes this afternoon, but it disappeared again. I think it was something called sun.. we have birds constantly. I moved the bird house today to another place as they no longer visit where it was. The sparrows are interesting as othoer small birds mix with them.


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