RDP Sunday: Wander


Yesterday I went for a wander through my half of the village. I was on my own it seemed until this cat appeared. I saw him and he saw me and we both stopped in our tracks. He looked at me, no stared at me, and waited for the next move. I decided to remain still, camera poised to see what he  would do next.


Keeping his eyes on me all the time, and not breaking contact, he began to approach, he seemed to have a definite target in his walk.


He turned as he got nearer. It was then that he began to avoid eye contact. I was waiting for him to retreat, but this cat was not prepared to give up.


And then he was having second thoughts. Perhaps this human in the chair with a camera in her hand was a source of rivalry. I remained still in my chair, ready to shift into top gear and escape from this urban tiger.


This was the last threatening glance he made before he turned and walked away from me. He decided that I was not edible and too big to win a fight with, but he kept his eyes on me all the time as he was leaving.

RDP Sunday: Wander

12 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Wander

  1. There comes a time when one is satisfied with little adventures, happy to leave the jungle cats to others.
    There’s a small possibility, if you have cats at home, that a bit of their scent might have wafted toward the tabby and he had to come check out if another cat was in your chair.

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    • This cat passes through our garden once a day and now and again has a look inside, but he has not yet met my Tabby whisker to whisker. It was coincidence that I happened to cross paths with him on my wandering

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