4 thoughts on “FOTD 26th January 2020: Buddleia

  1. It looks like a dark pink (GREAT color!) lilac. Is it also a bushy tree? Our old lilac is now the size of a small maple tree and it only gets flowers at the top. I have no idea how old it is, but probably nearly 100. It has been broken many times by trees falling on it, but it always revives enough to flower. Deep roots? That’s a great color. I’d love one of them in my backyard.

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    • This is a buddleia (butterfly bush) and not a lilac. They come in various colours, and each colour has its own characteristic. I chose the hot pink because it tends to stay as a compact bush and does not straggle into the heights. I bought this myself at a gardeners and planted it in a pot. When I had the garden redone I had it planted in the middle. It has now been there for a few years and always flowers. They are also a magnet for butterflies.

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