January Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Looking Up


It was a very cold, misty, dull afternoon, but after a week of photography famine I was determined to go somewhere with my camera. I decided on my section of the village which is South of the main road. I did not know what I was looking for, but taking photos in the mist can also be challenging. They are building again in our village and I had a choice of two cranes. As I looked up to this crane I decided this would be the one, so here it is. It is a large building site and will probably be a collection of apartments eventually.

January Photo a Day Challenge: 24. Looking Up

FOWC with Fandango: Ethnicity

The Swiss national sausage, the cervelat

Today is a day of patriotism
My challenges tell me to write a criticism
This is in praise of the cervelat
A very Swiss word and rhymes with Zanzibar
How can I say that the cervelat is bad
The Swiss all love them, the best they have had
It is just a sausage, you can eat it cold or fried
sometimes with mustard, always keep one on the side
Without the cervelat there is something missing
The Swiss feel quite lost and begin reminiscing
Forget the snow, and who needs skis?
Just eat your cervelat, much better than cheese

FOWC with Fandango: Ethnicity 

RDP Saturday: Nation

Swiss Court near Leicester Square, London

Next to Leicester Square in London, there is a small patch known as Swiss Court. It is the opposite of me. They planted a metal tree showing all the characteristics of Switzerland, showing the emblems of the 26 States of Switzerland. There used to be a modern building quite near known as “The Swiss Centre”. The name was Swiss and it even had Swissair offices to book your flights to Switzerland. In the basement there was a Swiss Restaurant, although the only Swiss food I remember was a Black Forest Cake and that was actually a German speciality. The Swiss Centre no longer exists, is now just offices, but this Swiss metal tree remains as a reminder.

And that is where my story is similar. I planted myself in Switzerland 53 years ago. Two years later I had my Swiss passport due to marriage with Mr. Swiss, but he was just an extra, I only met him after arriving in Switerland. There is no metal tree where I live, with British symbols. The only thing remaining seems to be my strange accent in Swiss German which many people cannot really define. Some think I might be originally dutch, must be a similarity somewhere. When I admit to being originally english, they all nod in approval and find “we thought it might be something like that”.

And so here I am and what remains of my British roots? I seem to be finding them again. Over the past years of married life I adapted and submitted to the Swiss life. I could always read an english book although with the years my German and Swiss German became quite fluent.  Today we are two golden oldies, and Swiss but with a little bit of British remaining. A funny thing has happened. Mr. Swiss now tends to go earlier to bed, and I am left with the choice of TV channels. I never used to bother so much, but now I am a follower of the British TV. I watch the sitcoms and get involved with the serial plays. I just love watching the antique shows they have and documentaries by David Attenborough and his animal kingdoms were always a favourite.

Mr. Swiss? That is the funny part of it, because he has also got to like the British programmes. I would add his english has always been quite fluent. Of course now and again we will watch a German police series or documentaries, but slowly the BBC is moving in.

By the way, nothing to do with patriotism. I do not stand when I see the Queen on the TV and have no time for the Royal Family. I do like British politics, it is much more fun than the Swiss politics. Not every country has a Boris Johnson with his blond hair that resembles something from the electric current flying in all directions. Not forgetting the British humour, with its black side. I have the best of both worlds, I can eat Swiss food every day and watch the BBC in the evening.

RDP Saturday: Nation

Good Morning


This is going from bad to worse at the moment. We seem to be captured by mist currently and it hovers all through the day. Yesterday I was on my way home from the stores. It was about 4.30 in the afternoon, and the mist began to get thicker. As I drove through the various streets I only had the outlines of the surroundings. I was glad to arrive home.

I now have a new game in my car to pass the time. Since I now have the correct screen on my car, at least the one I like, I discovered that I even see the names of the streets I am driving through. That is quite interesting, although I know most of them, I know this interests no-one, but I had Weissenstenstrasse, Grenchenstrasse, Herrenweg, Obere Sternenegasse (where we once actually had an apartment for a few years) and then Baselstrasse where I turn off into our little estate into the Mattenstrasse eventually arriving in my garage. My own street does not appear by name as it does not have any traffic. I also discovered that I should concentrate more on the traffic that the street names perhaps. It is really fantastic the progress we make with such gadgets. I suppose it is all combined with my GPS, which I must admit have not used up to now.


I am afraid my new photos are far and in between at the moment. I used to take photos constantly as a passenger when Mr. Swiss was driving but as his mobility is quite restricted now, more than mine actually, I have to concentrate on the road as I am the only driver in the family. I miss all those road events like tractors, road works and the surrounding fields. My only opportunity for photography now is from my window or when I take a wheelie in my chair. Wheelies are only possible at the week-end and perhaps a couple of afternoons during the week when I do not have other things to do.

I just got a reminder on my computer and iPhone that next week on Tuesday afternoon, I must take my cat to the vet. It is her once a year appointment, now combined with taking blood samples to see how her kidneys are. She is now on a constant diet of special food and a daily dose of medicine, but she seems to be bearing up for a 17 year old feline. None of us are getting younger unfortunately and time is really creeping up on me. I know too many people in the obits in the daily newspaper. Others I do not even recognise if I meet them on the street because their hair colour seems to have changed from their dark browns to a shade of grey or white, just like mine.

And now to go. It is Saturday, the week-end, but there are still things to do, although no shopping. If it does brighten up in the afternoon I might go for a wheelie somewhere, who knows.


Here is another wonderful bright and clear photo of the morning mists. That is not the sun in the middle, but  a street lamp. I hope your weather is a little more clearer than mine today. Have a good one and make the most of it.