FOWC with Fandango: Profile


How could I refuse. It said profile, so I did a selfie with a difference and managed to capture my profile. This was more luck than judgement because I had to turn my head and could not see what I was actually taking a photo of.

And now you can all admire my wonderful nose. Its shape and size are really unique. Shame that Alfred Hitchcock is no longer is with us. I am sure if he had produced a film with the title “The Profile” using my portrait it would have been a resounding success.

FOWC with Fandango: Profile

RDP Friday: Macro

Fly 18 (4)

When I used the word “macro” as a tag on my photo programme, I got almost 2,000 photos as a choice, but are they really macro? It all has to do with actual sizes in the correct proportions, not just enlarged photos apparently.

The trouble with macro photos is that I have far too many, not all of them as professional looking as they should be. This fly is OK with all its details, but I have seen better photos where you can almost count his almost 3-6,000 single eyes. I have a macro lens but easier said than done. I just like taking photos, and do not really want to make a life’s work of it, but I soon discovered that taken a macro photo with a macro lens is not so easy. There are no real short cuts with telling your camera to take an automatic photo. I found that it is really a do-it-yourself job setting all the stops, focus and lighting yourself.

Wild Flowers 28.09 (15)

I found that flowers and plants are easier for a macro. They keep still and do not move so much.

Amaryllis 26.02 (2)

The sex life of an amaryllis can be quite interesting according to how close you get.

Amaryllis 19.02 (4)

Even a side view can be inviting.

And now to extend my macro viewing to cooking the evening meal.

RDP Friday: Macro

Good Morning


Nothing very much to say this morning. The weather is not playing good at the moment and everything is shrouded in a fine mist in the morning with a plain grey sky above.


Even the water bowl outside has a layer of ice on the top. If I had nothing better to do this morning I would have remained hugging the bed, but a woman’s work is never done, according to my mum, so here I am at the kitchen table writing my daily piece of wisdom.

Even the birds are becoming rare in the morning.


Although my little robin arrived again yesterday – always same time and same place. She waits patiently until the sparrow group has gone and then she is there posing for a photo.


If I was a hungry bird I think I would also wait until this group of sparrows had disappeared. I am sure they are increasing in size and weight daily. At least I do not have any hungry birds here.

Yesterday I paid a quick visit to the garage and at last had a nice young lady that organised my car for me and explained very clearly a few things I wanted to know. My next visit will be in approximately 222 days according to the information on my bord computer screen. That is the magic date for my oil change. I also now know now how to organise the time on the screen of my car. It is quite simple really. I sometimes wish the instruction manual would be written in english, although even in english I swim a bit in the technical phrases. My clock in the car had decided it was summer, and it was showing summer time, an hour in advance. I know I am not the perfect driver and really only use the car to go the store for my shopping trips.

The time really flies past as you get older. Today is again week-end shopping and it seems only yesterday that it was last week’s Friday. I had quite a busy evening yesterday as I had a washing machine full of bed linen which had to be hung up to dry afterwards. I usually do it in the apartment overnight. I am well organised with the laundry stand and it dries overnight. The sequel is that I now have a pile to iron, which I hope to complete this morning. When I was finally finished with the laundry and emptying the dish washer it was already my bedtime. I had a quick look at the daily news on the TV, the BBC news, but decided nothing dramatic was happening in the world.

There was an interesting article in an online newspaper this morning. It seems that when Mr. Trump arrived in Davos in Switzerland for the WEF meeting all the people living in sight distance of his helicopter were instructed to close all their blinds and curtains. Some homes were also searched, this all being done by the Swiss authorities. How stupid can you get or perhaps they were worried that he might have a fall on the Swiss snow and ice as he walked to the car.

I must really be stuck for excitement at the moment if the only point of discussion is the visit of a man from the States.


I leave you with a very boring and uninteresting photo of the train barriers descending when I was leaving the village. I naturally had to wait for the train to pass and the barriers to be raised before I could travel further.

Have a good Friday, and remember tomorrow you can perhaps lay a little longer in bed as it is the beginning of the week-end, although golden oldies do not have week-ends: each day seems to be the same.