RDP Thursday: Looking out of my back Door


Being afternoon, it is quieter than in the morning. We have a small garden, with two raised beds. I had it altered a couple of years ago as I could no longer bend for the garden work. On the right you can see our sparrow club. They always gather when they are hungry as that is where I spread the food. We also have a bird house on the other side, but that is more reserved for the tits.


If you look straight ahead on the right in the tree, our jay is perched there, but too small to see in detail on the photo.

Otherwise our back garden has a table with plenty of room to eat lunch or just to sit outside. We even have an electric point for the iron, if I want to do ironing outside, or for the computer, although my Macbook does not really need electricity as it has enough reserves.

We live on an estate, mostly with bought apartments, so you can see the other blocks in the distance. I find it an advantage with a ground floor apartment as we have a garden instead of a balcony. It is in a small village, and very quiet.

RDP Thursday: Looking out of my back Door

3 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Looking out of my back Door

  1. A wonderful backdoor view Pat ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to see the birds are about. My computer screen shot is of that bird!!! I took the photo in Europe and now I know what type of bird it is, thanks

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