Good Morning


Just a normal very cold morning with a drab sky. I had to give myself a push to leave the bed as today is bed linen change day and I like to get an earlier start. Mr. Swiss used to do do it all, but with creeping golden oldie problems I began to help and now I do it all myself unless I need him to give a hand with the complicated parts. I broke my left arm about 8 years ago, and still feel the twinge when I have to cover a certain corner of the mattress with a fitted sheet. At the beginning the whole job was very exhausting, but I have now developed my own logistic over the years and manage the whole thing in half the time.


My jay again paid a visit yesterday in the garden. I was so excited when I spotted it the first time. Since then he brings his mate as well, takes some food and afterwards sits in the tree eating it.


I read somewhere they are hoarders of food and like to do it all in secret. They usually only appear when the other birds have left.


On my visit to the store yesterday one of the customers had left her two doggies outside to wait for her as they are not allowed into the store. As I left my car I saw them and naturally took my camera for a photo. They saw me and that two such small dogs could make such a barking, yapping noise I did not know. The pulled at their leads to get closer to me. If they were free to run around I might even have been a little worried, but they made such a perfect poise for the camera. The smaller one on the left was the noisiest. When I left the supermarket an hour later they were no longer there.

Otherwise it was just a normal day with no great surprises. This afternoon I will make a short trip to my garage to make an appointment for my first service. It is apparently now time for an oil change.  I also have to take Tabby, my feline, to  the vet next week for her annual jabs and check up. She has now been on special food for her kidneys and medicine once a day and seems to be keeping OK. Of course at the age of 17 she is now an elderly lady, and not as adventurous as she used to be. However, she still likes to have a little wander in the apartment now and again and look out the window to keep an eye on her territory. She no longer goes out so much, but we are having quite cold weather.

Although the results of my blood test were normal, Mr. Swiss had an appointment with the doc (we have the same doc) and she mentioned that my Vitamin D levels were low and I should take the drops. I must admit I still have my bottle at home and forgot them. However, it seems that everyone now needs Vitamin D. Is this something new and modern. Vitamin D is the sun vitamin, if I remember rightly, and something you give babies, especially if they are born during the winter months. Now it seems we all need them. Probably as  golden oldie they are important. Another signal to organise on my telephone. I already have one for my MS medicine NS  one for the dishwasher in the evening. My life is composed of acoustics.

And now to move on. I still have half the beds to complete and some housewife chores. Have a good day, will be back later.


15 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I take vitamin D too – my doc advised taking it after menopause, as estrogen helps with absorption of vitamin D and so post-menopausal women benefit from a daily dose 🙂

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    • It just seems to me that most doctors are giving all their customers vitamin D. I remember it being something you save babies that were born in the. Winter months to compensate for less sun

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