FOWC with Fandango: Clear

Garage Zuchwil

This afternoon I did a quick trip to my garage. I have been the proud owner of my own car since a year and some things are still not clear to me. I just need a transport possibility, not a miracle machine with so many gadgets and extras that I have to discover how they all function.  I have so many helps: cruise control, GPS and a radio with many stations. From the day I bought this car I was happy. I could drive it, no problem. That is the most important thing. I think the salesman was quite disappointed when I told him he does not have to organise my car radio with its many stations. It was the same with the telephone connection. When I am in my car I drive it and go where I want to go. Sometimes Mr. Swiss calls me on the phone which is OK, as long as it is not in the car, because I then ignore it. I have never bothered to find out how the GPS works.

Today I had a purpose, something about when I should change the oil. I arrived at the garage and a young lady at a desk asked how she could help. I told her I was not really sure why I was there, but I think I should soon have my annual service. We then went together to my car and she switched on one of those bord screens where I see the various details of my car. She showed me how to find the information I needed on the screen and after a few minutes I discovered it was not so difficult. She was a wonderful person and really a big help and I did not feel like a complete idiot. Somehow woman to woman is much easier as woman to man.

And now the best of all. I do not have to take my car to the garage for a service. They would fetch my car from my garage and bring it again after the service is finished. It is a service they have. They just leave their own car in my garage while the service is being done. I am so glad as for me it is really complicated to travel with the local train and bus to arrive at the garage with my walker. Climbing the steps with it is not very easy and public transport tends to shake from side to side causing me to lose my balance. Balance is not something that I have.

The best of it all is that my service and oil change is only due in Autumn and I can then combine it with the winter tyre change. What could be better? I am now a very happy person.

FOWC with Fandango: Clear

8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Clear

  1. That is really good Pat. I agree about woman to woman too. And gadgets. Our garage is good too, picking our car up and brunging it back, it’s great when you get servuce luke that, hope you had a nuce day.

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  2. That’s a GREAT service! I wish we had that. Well, I guess we do since Owen runs our local service station. He just drives our car to work and brings it home.

    Today our bath contractor came back, dug out ALL the grout and replaced it with the right stuff. Apparently the original installer ran out of the right materials and used whatever he had on his truck. The fired him and had to find someone different to do it … a woman this time. She did a great job. Have a contractor come back and repair a badly done job never happens, so kudos to them for doing the right thing. it looks so much better!

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    • I was really glad. We bought allmorgens cars there when Mr. Swiss retired. This is really a big help for me. You naturally have the perfect solution of course.
      And that is a perfect service for your shower. We are lucky that our good neighbour has taken over the shower company from his father. We have now had everything renewed Plustaste seat.


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