FOWC with Fandango: Refuse

Garbage Burning Zuchwil 16.01.2020

If I stand at the top of the river bank I can look over towards the little village of Zuchwil. Not such a little village, it once had many factories, names like Sulzer and Robert Bosch remain in my memory, but now no longer. I even worked for the Scintilla, which was a  connection with Robert Bosch, in my first job in the area. A memorable place for me, where I met Mr. Swiss, but that is another story. The factories closed or were reduced in size and production is now being made in other places. One industry still remains.

Our garbage burning plant is there. The chimneys pour out their smoke day and night and we are assured it is not dangerous to the environment.  I have taken many photos of it over the years, but it always seems to look different according to the background or how the wind is blowing We all produce garbage, and in our area it is collected in the  official plastic bags and afterwards burnt.  The bags are quite expensive, but help to cover the costs of burning. and they are quite original in design.

Garbage bags 19.02 (2)

They demonstrate their hunger for the garbage.

If you have anything larger, such a furniture you can take it yourself. Mr. Swiss once took two armchairs. You drive onto the scales with your transport and it is weighed. Afterwards the refuse is tipped into the eternal fires and again the transport is weighed. The price for burning is then calculated according to the difference in weight.

And what other garbage burning plant has the mountains of the Bernese Overland in the background, including the Eiger.

FOWC with Fandango: Refuse

RDP Wednesday: Goodbye

At Zürich Airport

Today he left us, is now winging he way across the big Pond back to his nice White House in Washington, or perhaps to his favourite golf course to relax after the strains of the conference. Who? Mr. Trump of course.

He had a problem, however. He was in a little mountain village, Davos, where the rich and the famous have their holiday homes and chalets, attending an international conference, but even the weather does not adapt to the wishes of the presidents. There was mist and fog and so it became a long goodbye to Switzerland. He was not able to use one of the many helicopters, must have been at least five, that were organised for his transport and so a convoy was organised to move him from Davos to Zürich. This is naturally no easy task driving on the mountain roads, but he is a president and so for him everything was organised. Generally I travel in one car, but this guy got a convoy. One car at the back, one at the front and about 10 in between.

However, he survived his ordeal at the conference, although I had the feeling, from the various news reports, that no-one was really impressed. I think Greta Thumberg got more publicity than he did. I loved the film where they showed him descending his helicopter in Davos and walking across the ice and snow, in his nice black highly polished leather shoes, to the chauffeur driven limousine. It would have been better if he had furlined boots.Everyone was holding their breath that he would not slip on the ice and have an accident. Think of the hospital costs afterwards.

I think this was one goodbye that many were pleased about, especially the many bodyguards and security people in Switzerland. Have a good journey home Mr. Trump.

By the way the photo is not of Trump’s departure, but a photo I took at Zürich Airport a few years ago. Trump naturally had his own private runway at the airport.

RDP Wednesday: Goodbye

Good Morning


Looked like the sun was on its way an hour ago, and yes now it has appeared, although very cold outside. I managed to keep myself warm enough at home with the morning routine: making my son’s bed (he is now at work), organising Tabby’s recycling tray (the cat) and feeding the birds and of course making something to eat and firing up the computer. The usual gang has arrived: the crows, magpies, my pair of jays and not forgetting the sparrows.


The only visitors I go yesterday were a few magpies


I managed to get one of them on a take off manoeuvre but otherwise there was no great birdy action.

The only action we have at the moment is the arrival of Mr. Trump from the states. It is a real comedy show, although it is becoming more and more difficult to laugh. He is facing an impeachment trial, but still manages to arrive in Davos for the WEF conference. Even the commentators on the news were quite critical about his visit. One said he was probably feeling comfortable  amongst his friends, the rich businessmen. They added that he was not longer regarded as such a friend and was mainly being ignored. Die he speak about the dangers we have with climate change etc.? No, he did not, but he did say that we have too many “doom prophets” in all countries, dismissing it all as some sort of fairy story. He added, of course, that he is working on the problems and eventually America will have the cleanest air from all. He did not mention that their production of carbon dioxide in the world atmosphere is second only to China.

Of course Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager, also had her say at the conference. I am not really a great follower and supporter of her, but must admit that I am glad she is there. At last someone who is speaking clearly on the problems. She is very aggressive, but you have to be aggressive when dealing with the politicians that only see the profits to be made by fracking etc. I even read somewhere that Mr. Trump said he has created thousands of new jobs. I am sure he has, but what jobs he did not say. Someone has to replace the immigrant labour force that is now kept behind a very expensive wall being built. They once built a wall in Berlin, it no longer exists, but there are people that have pieces of the broken parts at home as reminders.

So enough of politics. It is  a comedy show similar to Monty Python, but Monty Python  presented the jokes to laugh, certain politicians think they are doing a serious job in their delusions of power.

And I am now off. Today I have some shopping to do, but no stress. I called my garage yesterday as my first car service in looming on the horizon. It is now a little more than a year since I got my new car. It has only 2050 kilometres which is not very much, but I still have to get the oil changed and have it looked at. I should also have it washed, which is not something I ever do. I hate those washing tunnels. Another problem is not having my car for a day and having to travel by local train and bus to pick it up again which can be very complicated when travelling with a walker. The guy on the phone said it would be a good idea to just call in and talk it over when making an appointment. By car it is only five minutes away, so that would be a good idea. Perhaps I can organise something. Mr. Swiss said perhaps I could have a car for the day from the garage, but as I can only drive an automatic, I said that might be a bit difficult. Let us see.


In the meanwhile I will be busy dabbling with a little housework and try to calm down by watching the river flowing past.

Enjoy whatever you are doing, if not, make the best of everything.