Good Morning


It looked quite good when I stopped hugging the bed, but the sun has only now discarded the cloud cover three hours later. I must admit I am also not so fast to rise in the morning: otherwise very cold, but no rain.

Today is cleaning lady day and she has been busy in my kitchen, has now progressed to the bathroom and the grand finale will be the shower. I must admit, I am so thankful for what she does. Admittedly she is paid, but she invests care and responsibility. I was talking to her this morning about her country of origin which is Columbia. It was an interesting discussion and it seems that Columbia is doing OK, but they also have their problems. It began with cooking food, of course. When two women discuss it often begins with food. She said that Columbia has plenty of meat, and a good choice of grain, the Andes being an important region for supplies. She cooks Columbian and Swiss. A big problem in Columbia are the immigrants they have, mainly from Venezuela. It sounded similar to our European problems with immigrants entering from the poorer countries hoping to make a better living. Otherwise economically Columbia is doing well.


I had a nice little surprise one morning this week when I saw a flash of red outside and a robin was perched on one of my raised beds. I love these little birds, but they are really the loners of the bird world. I never see them together with other birds, but only alone.

10.01.2022 Baselstr Cemetery Waldegg (6)

My jays are now becoming regular visitors and they arrive every morning for breakfast. At first there was only one, but now I notice it is a pair. I have no idea who the lady is or the man, but I am looking forward to marital bliss in Spring if they begin raising a family. They also keep themselves separate from the others and sit in the trees watching until the coast is clear. No-one wants a crow or magpie disturbance when collecting food.

Yesterday I was on a shopping trip and apart from a package of Pepsi Cola it was a nice compact shopping tour. It certainly makes it easier when you have a detailed shopping list: one of the advantages of being a cyber housewife. My Iphone accompanies me all day and when something comes to my mind that I must buy, I jot it quickly on the list. When I eventually go shopping everything is nicely organised. Our chemist is also well organised. If Mr. Swiss needs something I can just call in the morning to ask if they have it. If not they order it from the local supplier and it is delivered in the afternoon. I can then pick it up after shopping at the store as the drug store is in the same complex. It certainly pays off to be organised.

Today I have an extra tour to the doc with Mr. Swiss. I will drop him off, return home and he will call me when he is finished. It saves me time and the bother of driving into the parking silo.

And now to move on to better things, like finishing cooking the lunch. Enjoy the day, have fun, or just make the most of it. See you around later.


And enjoy your meals, like this horse I met on my trip to the farm.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It’s interesting to hear about Columbia Pat, also good that you can get a goid and respinsuble cleaner. We have tried but can’t get one! They are worth their weight in gold when you can get them. Nice about the robin.

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  2. Another lovely sunrise and some pretty birds, too. Since our little snow, we’ve had at least twice as many birds as we had before. We drop a lot of foods to the ground, so all those birds that used to come to the feeder are now down on the lawn where I can’t take pictures of them — but at least they are getting fed. The squirrels eat down there, too. It’s a lot easier for them to eat from the ground than from feeders, so since we’ve given them a choice, they’ve picked the one where they get more it eat with less effort.

    My cleaning lady, having recovered from the flu, is back tomorrow. She’s Argentinian. She raised her price a bit, too because it’s an hour drive for her and the price of gasoline has gone up. What has REALLY gone up is the price of heating fuel. Three-quarters of a tank for $440! That comes out to $2.78 per gallon which is more than the price of fuel for cars. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up with everything. Prices keep going up, but our income stays the same. We eat less, that’s for sure. Fortunately, we’re less hungry, but it’s scary.

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    • I have my bird house which is not being used so much. I put food on the ground where I have a direct view from my kitchen window and that is where most of the birds arrive. I akülso scatter some peanuts and walnuts in their shells and they are very popular with the crows and magpies. Inwould love to have some squirrels, but they remain in the forest.
      Trump isvar the WEF conference in Switzerland at the moment and telling us all how perfect the States have become since he is president. No-one seems to like him and he is missing the point of the cinfetence


  3. As someone who has tried so hard to stay in my home region, I am fascinated by how people end up where they do when they leave their home region. I grew up with so many who came from Vietnam. Even though we all grew up Californian, and they all love California, it saddens me to think that so many people of their parents’ generation were forced to leave Vietnam when they did not want to, and that the situation was so bad there that they risked the safety of their families to escape!

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    • My own ancestors on my mothers side were Huguenots, French refugees in the 18th century that were persecuted in France for being Protestant and fled to Germany, where one of the families arrived in London. I traced it all in my ancestry tree. At the time many fled to England. One of the main reasons is freedom of speech.

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      • Such history makes it easier to appreciate modern times. Things are very difficult now. I resent not being able to purchase land and a home in my ancestral homeland where a cheap home on a tiny city lot costs $1,500,000, but I have never been a refugee forced to leave my country to live in a foreign culture with a completely different language.

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