RDP Monday: Torch

Renovation 23.05 (10)

3 years ago our apartment building was being torched now and again. They renovated everything and it was often fire and flames. What a wonderful opportunity for a few photos.

Blow Torch

Not being from the trade, I was not really sure what they were torching.

Renovation 23.05 (1)

It often got quite exciting, especially when the sparks were flying.

Renovation 24.05 (4)

I remember when the guy did this bit of work, he told me to stand back otherwise it could be that some sparks might land on the lens of my camera: one of the problems of being an “on the spot” reporter. When they eventually left after 7 months I had over one thousand photos in my files of the work progress.

At the time I just took shots now and again, but I am glad. I now have many memories to reflect on of when they torched the building.

RDP Monday; Torch

4 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Torch

  1. Good morning. Egregious might be used for human behavior … something that is loathsome and offensive .., I don’t know if a building standing there looking ugly is egregious or not, but go ahead and go with it. Our egregious boy travelled to Davos today to take his egregious act on the road … how’s that for a use of the word? Have a great day … try not to be too egregious … I know you won’t .. yuk yuk .. .SLP….


  2. . Our news was full,of it. How egegerous can you get. We saw Airforce one and there were photos of the inside. He even has a bedroom in the plane. Not to mention the helicopters to bring him to Davos from Zürich


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