RDP Sunday: Can’t

Stairs River Aar

I think it is easier for me, and quicker, to make a list of the things I can, because the “can’t” list grows by leaps and bounds the older I get. The stairs in the photo are the general path at the bottom of the local river. I can then climb the stairs which take me to the same level as my village above: at least I could climb them about 4 years ago.

The next phase was climbing them sideways, gripping on the supports and with a stick for support to reach the top. I managed his about a year and now I just take the photos and admire the view from the top. If I take the bottom path I have to retrace it afterwards and return the same way. Today there is no way that I could mange to get higher than the first two steps. There are 60 steps in total, I counted them once when I still could.

I take the lift everywhere and if there is no lift, I just do not bother. Going shopping is no problem, up to now, I can still lean on the shopping trolley for support. How I admire the shoppers that walk with confidence in the store, picking their goods and putting them in the trolley. “I used to do it like that” is a thought that crosses my mind. I am warned today never to take anything for granted. I have had changes in my life I never imagined it would happen to me.

Although I must add I overtake all the housewives in my electric wheelchair.

RDP Sunday: Can’t

7 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Can’t

  1. There are things I just can’t do these days, also — or maybe could do with anguish, but am not going to. Kneeling down to dig in a cupboard or clean under something. Opening jars. Arthritis in my thumb joints makes opening sealed pop bottles about impossible, too. Thankfully there are gadgets and tools for almost everything nowadays.
    I’m glad you can still participate in writing prompts like this one. 🙂

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