RDP Friday: Wonderland


I live in a wonderland, so what more can  say. Just a few minutes walk from where I live we have country

Feldbrunnen 29.04 (5)

and a background of the Jura mountains.

I am sure I was on a quest my whole life to find a wonderland. Growing up in the big city of London, I was always ready to break out, to appreciate what nature had to offer. Unfortunately London came a little short on its offerings in that direction.

I am now were I wanted to be, greenery everywhere.


Only yesterday on a wheelie in my chair I had a view of another wonderland, the alps.

Yes, my days of being a cockney Londoner have long disappeared. I have found my wonderland.

RDP Friday: Wonderland

10 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Wonderland

  1. I’m SO glad you love my wonderland as much as you do. I find sometimes that some people forget that they live in a paradise (compared to nearly every other country). When they complain about little things, I am a bit ashamed over their pettiness and sometimes even dare saying: You DO realise that you complain on a very high level?! As I’ve lived many, many years in many countries, they sometimes think about their minor complaints, but some don’t and that makes me sad for their ignorance.
    Those pics are spectacular!!!!!

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    • Although I must say we are lucky to live in a country with approximately 8 million inhabitants, and a country you can cross in a day North to South and West to East. It would even be quicker if the mountains were not in the way. I would have gone anywhere and was also offered a job in Hamburg, but I had already accepted Switzerland. I have been very lucky with my choice. No country is perfect, but I am glad that I am now here. London seems to be.a million years away now.

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  2. I do love living in the country too. But I also loved the city when we lived there. In New York, Jerusalem, and Boston. I would not have been ready for this town when I was a lot younger. It is very difficult to work from here … as I found out when we moved here and I tried to get a job. Everything was hours away. Now, it doesn’t matter. I have no problem with being rural, but when I was working, it would have been hopeless.

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    • In Switzerland’ work is everywhere. We even have businesses in smaller places and being a small country places are not too far away. I was lucky to have my workplace just 10 minutes drive from home. I found that even towns here can be quite rural and there are green spaces everywhere.


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