FOWC with Fandango: Crisis

Machine for pumpint out water

A couple of years ago our hobby room in the cellar was submerged under water. We had some heavy rain, and the complete basement was flooded including the cellars. It was only a few centimetres  of water but that was enough. It was not the water you see, but the water that seeps through into the lower layers. We had these machines for a month pumping out what it could and drying it all. We had to remove the fitted carpet and move all the furniture out. That was a crisis that I do not want to have again.

One Word Challenge: Crisis

RDP Thursday: Nothing


On 29th December 2005 Mr. Swiss and I went for a walk in the local cemetery. It was a snowy Winter and what did we see: nothing of course. I was the only living person (except for Mr. Swiss who took the photo) in the whole cemetery. Otherwise there was nothing.

By the way seeing me in this coat reminds me of my mornings at home. I wear it to go outside in the winter. It is quite useful for sheltering from the cold air, especially when you still have your nightdress on.

And otherwise I have nothing to say.

RDP Thursday: Nothing

Good Morning


I know, all my early morning photos are beginning to look the same. Seen one sunrise, you have seen them all, but I still have a fascination for the brilliant colours. Currently I am not getting out enough to get something completely different on the camera, so I am depending on the exciting events at home, of which there are not very many.


So I am just making the most of what I have. At least the planes are flying and leaving a few traces in the sky.

Speaking of planes I happened to read a headline this morning that the Swiss are continuously having to cancel their flights to London City Airport. That was the airport I always flew to when going to London.

Taking off - View over the Thames

There were always fantastic views over London as you were entering the flight path. For me it was very useful as it was only a short trip to Hornchurch where my friend lived and where I usually stayed when visiting my dad. On the left of the photo you can see the Thames barrier, built as a flooding precaution. It seems that London City airport is prone to bad weather, stopping the planes from landing and taking off. Many flights are already cancelled in Zürich and never leave. Is this again an environment thing? In the many years of flying to London annually, I never had problems and even very rarely a delayed flight. My flying days are now over and my transport has now become my car or wheelchair, according to where I am going.

Yesterday I took a trip to the supermarket, but nothing special happened. As I entered the store from my car I saw this little chap. The main excitement is to find the special offers.  I did have a little bit of luck and when I scanned my cash receipt into the machine they have I won an extra 2x points token. I can combine this with the token I already have, making 4x points. This means money once every two months, and can amount to over 100 Swiss francs off the bill when I get a pay out.


And I think he saw me, although it was difficult to see with so much fur hanging down over the eyes. He turned in my direction. I am not sure if dogs are allowed in the store, but now and again there is one tethered up outside waiting for the owner. I have pleasant driving conditions now as we have begun to get more daylight. During deep winter I usually drive home in semi darkness, but now it is quite bright and even the sun might still be shining.

Yesterday I cleaned out my fridge. What a difference such a small operation can make. Now everything is nice and shiny and I sorted a few things that I will never eat or use. Today I have nothing planned so will let myself be surprised. The weather is looking good and I just might go somewhere this afternoon. In the meanwhile I will be looking out of the window enjoying the view.

Let us look forward to a good stressless day, keep well and safe everyone.


One of my orchids