Good Morning


This morning the sun decided to ascend at the right time in the right place and so I was out in the cold morning air to capture a few shots.


And here is the view from the other side of the apartment. I just could not resist showing this one as well. It is not every day that they arrive like this. Whether the remainder of the day will be a good one is an open question, It is very cold and quite astonishing that we have no snow – yet. Perhaps the climate change gods are interfering.

I had a meeting with Murphy’s law this morning. I was happy eating my bread and jam (raspberry) and it fell out of my hands onto my night dress, jam side down of course. It even caught the corner of the computer keyboard. What a beginning to the day.


The usual birds were here, the crows and magpies first of all.  The crow always snaps the biggest walnut, He usually flies off afterwards to a quiet corner where it gets cracked open. I would love to see him do it.


Yesterday I spotted this little red coloured bird in the garden. I was sure it was a robin, but my bird expert husband told me no way. It must be something else so I had a look in our bird book. Apparently it is some sort of chaffinch. I just had a wonderful experience. I looked out of the window and my Jay was outside, and had brought the wife with him. Two jays at once, a great camera opportunity, so you will be getting the photos tomorrow morning. I don’t have time to upload them at the moment.

And that was my excitement.  It was nice weather in the afternoon and I was intending to go somewhere, but decided my bed was just too comfortable when I took my lunchtime sleep so I left it too late to go places. It was a good  relaxing Sunday as it should be. I even decided to pull myself together and upload a book on my Kindle. It is ages since I finished my last book, and never seem to have time for a good read. However this must change.

Now and again the German TV bring a series based on the books by Donna Leon concerning the Italian police chief Commissario Brunetti stationed in Venice. Although she is an American writer, she is based in Italy and as I prefer the books to the films, I have decided to read her books. Leon is also an opera fan, mainly baroque, and has even visited our town of Solothurn for our opera days, which unfortunately so longer exist. Anyhow I read the first few chapters of her first Brunetti book, *Death at the Fenice” yesterday as an Amazon preview, quite liked what I read  and will definitely upload the book today. In all there are 23 Brunetti books, so I will be kept busy to read them all.

Otherwise today is a housewife day with some cooking and a shopping expedition this afternoon, so what could be better. I get out and see things, even if it is only the local supermarket.


And let’s have another photo of the grey heron I saw on Saturday. This time it even took a few steps, otherwise, as an online colleague of mine said, they are not great birds of movement and prefer to watch and wait.

I have no more time to watch and wait and am now on my way to the bathroom. Have a good start to the week, make the most of it

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love Leon books. Very interesting, good characters, you love Venice, you love her writing…. Paola is bringing her husband down on earth, there is some interest in the incredibly efficient and all-knowing secretary – and you can read her books in any order and they still don’t lose their sense completely. I envy you for not knowing this author yet.

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    • I knew the author, she en has a connection to Solothurn, but have never read her books. And I have been to Venice, although many years ago on a long weekend at Easter


  2. We had a Great Blue standing next to the Mumford in the middle of town. He had apparently just had a nice summer bath in the river. He stood there for more than an hour, drying one wing in the sun, then slowly turning and drying the other wing. Shaking his feathers and drying his head. I have some very funny pictures of him as he stretches each piece of him out so the sun will get it. And always very slow and deliberate. When they take off and fly, they look enough like pterodactyls to make you believe they really are the descendants of Dinosaurs.

    That was a great sunset. Almost like the ones we saw in Arizona — and I suspect unusual in Switzerland. It has bee so warm here, but now it’s getting cold again. You can never trust our winters. The snow you missed all year may show up hugely just when the daffodils are showing in the garden.

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    • They are certainly fascinating birds. at least for me that has never seen one before in the wild. I am surprised that the one I saw was so far from the local river and fish. The nearest animals to the heron are our chicken colony.
      We are getting some great sunrises and sunsets at the moment. I now know the right time and right place to get them fixed with the camera. It is still very cold here, but surprisingly without the snow which I am not sorry about.

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