RDP Sunday: South Seas


Who needs Southern Seas with a river down the path
Even sea gulls swim on it, they always  take a bath
It might be cold in Winter, you even tend to shiver
I know it’s not an ocean, just a very long river
In Winter wear your coat, perhaps gloves and a hat
but in summer they are gone, you relax on a sun mat
For reaching south sea islands you have to take a plane
The river is in walking distance, just along the lane
Pack your sun tan lotion, perhaps include some towels
You can take a swim, on the banks there are even cows
If you are feeling thirsty, then take a bottle or two
They remain cold in an ice filled bag, yes you know just what to do
So stay away from southern islands, they might be having a war
On the local river, life is a peaceful chore

RDP Sunday: South Seas

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