RDP Friday: Shut

Restaurant Sternen closed Baselstrasse 25.05 (1)

Switzerland has quite a large Italian speaking population. Many immigrated as seasonal workers in the earlier years of the twentieth century. Many stayed, and so we are infiltrated with their culture and the wonderful food. . Italian restaurants are everywhere and what could be better than the local Pizza restaurant.

However in summer they also have their holidays, returning perhaps to their homeland. This one made it quite clear on the notice on the door that it was shut.

“Niente pizza (no pizza) because holiday from 23.7-6.8. Open from 7.8.”

RDP Friday: Shut

5 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Shut

  1. such a heartwarming and funny notice! That’s the one thing I’m always quite happy about in Switzie: There are so many Italians and I’ve never had a bad Italian meal in CH. But today, just coming back from our ‘ville’ there was a small commotion in front of an eatery in the town center. One guy held the phone in a bizzare way to get proper reception and another one was SHOUTING into the phone in pure Italian: yeah, good, you’re one smart girl, bene, bene, molto bene, that’s right, you’re a darling, ragazza. Made my day!!!!

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    • When I saw it I just had to take the photo. We don’t hear so much Italian now as we used to. Although I understand and speak Italian I have discovered that my knowledge of Russian is now more useful as that goes in the Serbian direction.

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      • oh dear! Even where you live, ‘en campagne’?! Well, I wouldn’t go very far with my Russian or any of the Serbo-Croation languages. You mean I should abandon my wish to learn Portuguese just to be a bit more ‘at home’ when I visit Portugal and study Russion/Chinese/Arab/Japanese (in any order or form)?

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          • 😉
            My father once wanted to buy an anti-wasp spray on a holiday in Italy. He came back with a pot of honey as with as his ‘bee noises’ he got nowhere with the holder of a tiny ‘we’ve got it all’ (but I won’t sell you an insect repellent!!!! 🙂 – just kidding) shop.

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