RDP Thursday: Gregarious

Sheep along the river Aar

“Who us, gregarious?”

“What do you think No. 2

“Suppose we are No. 1”

“I am definitely sure we are ”

“You are right No. 3, speaking as No. 4 or course.”

“No. 5 what about you”

“Most definitely, if you say so, although I think we should ask No. 6.”

“Gregarious is my middle name of course, but what about No. 7.”

“If you all say so, it must be true.”

“Hey girls we are forgetting someone.”


“The dog of course.”

“What does he have to do with it.?”

“We wouldn’t be so gregarious if it wasn’t for him. He is the guy that orders us to keep together.”

RDP Thursday: Gregarious

3 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Gregarious

    • It was quite amusing. They were standing around in the field. I moved to the fence with my camera for a few shots and they all came together to the fence and stood there looking at me.

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