FOWC with Fandango: Zest


Today I woke up with a feeling for zest
Was my after lunch sleep and I wanted the best
I opened the fridge being on a search
Something must be there, perhaps on a lurch
And then I saw it shining, just like a sun
A little lemon tart, yes there was only one
Now it is gone, eaten in a flash
It was creamy and zesty, what a wonderful stash

FOWC with Faneango: Zest

RDP Thursday: Gregarious

Sheep along the river Aar

“Who us, gregarious?”

“What do you think No. 2

“Suppose we are No. 1”

“I am definitely sure we are ”

“You are right No. 3, speaking as No. 4 or course.”

“No. 5 what about you”

“Most definitely, if you say so, although I think we should ask No. 6.”

“Gregarious is my middle name of course, but what about No. 7.”

“If you all say so, it must be true.”

“Hey girls we are forgetting someone.”


“The dog of course.”

“What does he have to do with it.?”

“We wouldn’t be so gregarious if it wasn’t for him. He is the guy that orders us to keep together.”

RDP Thursday: Gregarious

Good Morning


I just did not bother to take a photo of this morning’s sky. After the wonderful sunset yesterday evening it was a disappointment to see everything in a mist. Perhaps I should change my Good Morning blogs to Good Evening with more rewarding scenery outside.  It is also quite cold in the morning and I wear my long padded coat to go out and distribute the various bird goodies, I began some time ago to mix a few walnuts and peanuts in the food and that seems to be the hit of the day.


Although it can also cause problems. I suddenly heard a commotion outside and two crows had discovered the last walnut. If only I had been quicker with the camera and captured the moment of action. The loser is in the photo watching the winner with the walnut in its beak fly off to devour the trophy.


However I did manage to capture this magpie shot as it had succeeded in grabbing a peanut in its beak. They do not stay with such a trophy but fly off immediately probably to enjoy the meal in peace and quiet in the trees.


This magpie also managed to get a walnut and I was lucky to get a flying shot of him with it in the beak.

That seems to be the only excitement I have at the moment, watching  birds, although I did visit the stores yesterday. It was quite a good afternoon shopping actually.


First of all I visited the gardening department as I knew they had a special offer this week on orchids with three flower stalks instead of the usual two. I needed a third orchid in the living room as one had lost all the flowers. This time I chose a dark pink one for a change.

I then went to the customer services as I had a few questions about home delivery of the goods I buy. At the moment it is not so necessary but later on perhaps. It seems for my village it would cost four Swiss Francs for the delivery and it would arrive on the same day or the next morning . That would be no great problem, as I can still transport the immediate goods I need in the car. As long as I can shop with the trolley in the store it would not be so necessary. Yesterday I had to get a pack of mineral water and Pepsi, six bottles each, which is quite heavy to lift into the car. As I was leaving to  my parking space, which was luckily the one next to the exit, there were two lady assistants emptying the empty bottle machine so I had to wait. They said they were soon finished, and I told them no problem, but if they could help me put my heavy bottled water in the car boot I would be pleased. It was no problem, and the lady who did it put everything in my car boot. That was service and a very big help.  It renews faith in humans when you find such helpful people.

Even the bill in the store was less than usual, which I also found very positive. I was eventually on my way home and noticed that we are now getting more daylight in the late afternoon: some more good news. It makes the car journey more pleasant.

And now to move on. Today is the day of changing the bed linen again although it sees practice makes perfect. Since I have been doing it on my own as Mr. Swiss can no longer manage so well, I have developed my own routine. Mr. Swiss helps me out with the difficult corners, but together we are coping. Oh how life changes when you become a golden oldie.


Another shot of the magpie disappearing with his trophy. Anyhow enough of the birds, I really must go so have a good day everyone – see you around.