RDP Tuesday: Aerate

Solothurn 30.06 (17)

This strange objet has been standing for approximately 30 years on the edge of our town. I often wheel past it when going to town. It is measuring the quality of the air we breathe and apparently it has improved considerably since being measured. We Swiss are so good at keeping everything under control.

Actually I feel guilty reporting the perfect state of our Swiss air whilst on the other side of the world a continent is burning and animal species are being wiped out in the flames. People are not only losing their homes, but their villages and townships and we can only watch it all happen. Poor Australia, I feel so sorry for you.

RDP Tuesday: Aerate

5 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Aerate

  1. Me too! Every time, I come or return from/to Switzerland, I’m overjoyed by the goodness of nearly everything we have the privilege to enjoy.


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