Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes


Through lack of snow and ice this year up to now (thank goodness) one of our Winter scenes has become the invasion of the gulls inland to our River. The sun was shining in the middle of the afternoon and even the moon put in an appearance.


And everyone is enjoying the weather taking a walk in town.


And we are getting some good sunsets in the evening.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Winter Scenes

FOWC with Fandango: Scary


I visited a neighbour this afternoon. As I left my home and walked along the path I was confronted by this. Was I scared? No really, just being careful. Looking at the size of the feet I decided to keep my distance. I like dogs, but you never know. He tried to follow me on the way, but whoever he belonged to had put him on a short line.

As I walked along the path I had the feeling I was being followed and then I saw him.


Roschti, the neighbour’s cat, now has a window seat. I can understand this. I have to keep the window clear for my feline during the evening. I don’t know what she sees outside in the dark, but apparently there must be things happening that I do not see.

FOWC with Fandango: Scary

RDP Tuesday: Aerate

Solothurn 30.06 (17)

This strange objet has been standing for approximately 30 years on the edge of our town. I often wheel past it when going to town. It is measuring the quality of the air we breathe and apparently it has improved considerably since being measured. We Swiss are so good at keeping everything under control.

Actually I feel guilty reporting the perfect state of our Swiss air whilst on the other side of the world a continent is burning and animal species are being wiped out in the flames. People are not only losing their homes, but their villages and townships and we can only watch it all happen. Poor Australia, I feel so sorry for you.

RDP Tuesday: Aerate

Good Morning


We did get a sort of sunrise this morning, although the sun never really rose more and now we have mist.  As long as there are contours above I don’t mind. The neighbour still has her little Christmas tree in the front garden, but that will probably disappear today, as most of the decorations. My few Christmas objects in the apartment have now be relegated to the hobby room in the cellar until next Christmas and I just have to sort the Christmas cards. There in one I want to keep as it is more than just a bought card, but made personally.


Yesterday is known as 3 Kings Day and we have a special scone to celebrate. It made from a yeast dough with or without raisins, according to taste. I prefer mine with and is on the sweet side. The clue is that in one of the pieces a little plastic king is hidden. The person getting that piece is then King for the day, telling everyone what to do and gets the crown which is delivered with the cake. As there are only three of us at home and 7 sections of cake (although the King is never in the middle piece) you have to be lucky to actually choose the piece with the King.


And guess who got the King. I chose the piece next to the one that Mr. Swiss took, and I found the little plastic king in my piece, although as it was evening, there was not much advantage ordering everyone about as the day was almost finished. Originally I think a bean was hidden in the pastry, but today we have modernised the idea. Actually I quite like this scone type of bread, but I like to spread butter on my piece. In England we seemed to have spread butter on everything.

Today I am a little later, as it is cleaning lady day. I had not seen her since two weeks due to the Christmas holidays, so things are really now back to normal.Yesterday was at last a normal shopping afternoon in the supermarket. No crowds or stress and husbandless wives doing the shopping as the husbands were probably back at work. We golden oldies were once again amongst ourselves.

We seem to be having a snowless Winter this year, although I am not sorry. Nothing worse that driving on ice and snow. I will be having a day at home, although will be visiting my hairdresser this afternoon for a short back and sides.


Now to move on. Dinner is cooking  and I have a few bits and pieces to attend to. Have a good day everyone, see you around.