FOWC with Fandango: Creativity


Our old arsenal in town is now a building full of old suits of armour and old war relics. If you doubt that William Tell ever existed and really shot the apple from his son’s head then here you see a selection of many crossbows.

However our town fathers discovered another use for this building. It has 24 large windows, so what could  be better to become a Christmas calendar. For many years the windows have been decorated with various Christmas symbol in December. This year the theme seems to be Christmas Tree ornaments. I had been watching through December how the various windows had been uncovered and at the week-end I took a wheelie in my chair to see the finished product. What could be better?

FOWC with Fandango: Creativity

RDP Monday: Temporal


How temporal can you get. Yesterday the sun was shining, reflecting on the moon, although it was mid afternoon. On the one side the sun, the other the moon. This was reality. The gull flew on, unimpressed and regardless of this unique event.  There was a river down below and the evening meal was swimming around in it.

RDP Monday: Temporal

Good Morning


No splendid sunrise today as the sun is refusing to rise and the cloud layer is covering all. Yesterday was almost like a summer’s day, although still quite cold. Under these circumstances I just had to take a wheelie into town. Generally Sunday is not such a good day for town visits as it can be quite empty, but my wheelchair battery was fully loaded so what could possibly go wrong.


We have a long path along the river. It used to  be filled with various small stores and businesses. There was a record shop, a plumber, and small grocery shops. These have now all disappeared and every business has now become a restaurant or pub. Another example of the dying shop trade. Who needs shops when you can do it all online and so we now have a restaurant “mile” with one after the other. I made my way to this part of town. The restaurants were packed full with customers, everyone enjoying the weather sitting outside in the sun. Yes it was cold, but if you were dressed warm enough and had a warm drink, you were comfortable. The good thing is that the seating is arranged at the side leaving a comfortable space to wheel through.


And the river was full of gulls flying everywhere. We never see a gull during the warmer months, but it seems to be their Winter holiday resort and they were everywhere.


It was a wonderful opportunity for a few shots with the camera. I arrived home with 90 photos on the camera and actually intended to limit it to only 30-40 shots, but it was the opportunity to get some action photos.


They were everywhere. It would have been a great opportunity for Alfred Hitchcock to take a few film shots for his film “The Birds” although the only threat here is that you might get a few white splurges on your jacket and trousers as they fly over.


I also wheeled through town, but as said, it was almost empty, everyone sitting outside at the restaurants enjoying the weather.


Suddenly I heard music and saw this organ grinder. You get a bit of everything in our town on a Sunday it seems.

I did not really want to stay long and so took the quick way home along the road. I usually go along the river path, but it takes longer and I now really needed my gloves. Taking photos is fine but I have to upload and work on them when I get home.

Daily life is now back to almost normal. Shopping hours are fixed, no closed shops on holidays, and I have my day to plan. This afternoon will be a shopping trip and I realised that we are really running out of things. The walnut supply is dwindling and we like some walnuts during the Winter. We now have just one dehydrated tangerine which no-one seems to want to eat not to mention chocolate supplies which are almost non-existant. It is these little perks that add variety to life.

And now to return to the daily chores of household life. I neglected a few things during the holidays, but now to catch up on it all again. Even the cleaning lady is with us again tomorrow.

Have a good day, do your best to make the most of it and let us hope for smooth runnings.


Our house mountain Weissenstein perched on the Jura, just behind our village.